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As deep as a bite as dark as the night

Where was we now.

Ah yes, gettin’ through November.

Sweet, sweet November.

Happy Birthday Lois! These were wiped from my last blog post no idea why, I didn’t touch the thing all weekend long. Well, Saturday. Meh.

More mom love. going out with them Again tonight. I have to wear a dress. It’s okay I know what I’m busting out don’t worry.

I’m not sure but I think blueberry teas make me nauseous as I’d likely already be nauseous if it warranted drinking one.

Red is my colour this season it just is I suppose.

Torso chiseling motivation.

No clue.

You should see ‘em now they’re like weapon talons I scratch myself all the time.

Anja saw a song I posted on facebook (that everybody just so happens to love meow) and drove her Mississauga despy housewife ass to pick me up. Her birthday was yesterday. We had a girl hang-a-lang reunion, last I saw her I was 21 back in Oakvegas days.

After deciding to stay in for the night (Friday) I was convinced to go out. I took a week off of social engagements and now it is Monday again already. I was considering wiping schedule and leaving town this week but relatives are coming in to town at week’s end so that changes that. Who knows, who knows.

Anja is the prettiest girl I have ever been friends with like you know the kind, pristine Latvian, flawless so I was nervous about how I looked. meanwhile she’s like you look SO HOT and good Raymi. WTF? I think she is a major alcoholic because I don’t hold a candle to her looks. She thinks I haven’t aged at all either. Welp, MY ego was sufficiently blown this weekend how about yours?

Keepin’ it ballerina.

Mimosas and dogs. Mmm now I’m thirsty. I already had a business lunch today and you masters of the universe know what that means DTD (day time drinks) SHhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Her husband is a dj and was playing for us SUPER LOUD plus I lost my voice so I had to scream over it which no doubt prolonged the healing process. I sound normal again today thankfully.

They finished all 4 cans of PBE I brought, back on the energy drink circuit. I must bring you guys more.

Who gets lost on their way to Apache Burger? These guys. Please. Like I know shit about the suburbs. #indenial.

Whatever man I was already in pre-massive burger guilt. If you have one without fries or pop or cheese you don’t feel as logey, which I didn’t at all period I was like this basically feels like all I had was a salad.

Anja and I were cohorts in high school, boy, did we have good times haha. My mom is probably like this !O_O! right now.

Land ho.

I have no idea why but for some reason it took forever and we were at the front of the line. I went next door and grabbed sbucks.

Total slobtastical weekend, lots of down time I feel revitalized actually great and I think I look better too. Want to keep this thing going for as long as I can.

Went for a run yesterday. Missed my chance for one today. Ah well. It was nice sitting in Starbucks/Chapters and people watching waiting for my meeting to begin, normal people shit.

Who am I kidding how normal can I get.

You know once I break one of these I’m going to be super bummed.

Time for some new hand gear/bling.

Vintage Raymi business card. I just finished those chocolate coffee beans off omg so good.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some stuff to get done. Hope your Monday was __________! XO RLW.

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