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Raymcation other perspective

Was feeling archival and nostalgic sometime this week and what with the crap weather I really dig my vacay shots, there are scores of them. Why not share some? Luckily in Aruba no one knows anything about Toronto so I could wear that hat freely. I can wear it in Borington too when I go running. Funny how my Playboy hat is the one I’m fearful to run in out here, that’s a call for way too much attention. Maybe I should get over myself?

Yeah no not crappening.

First day sunset.

Was pretty zonkedhausted and delirious as a result by that point. At dinner I knocked my wine glass over the linen table out on our private VIPLEASE dining terrace. It was pretty windy and I was being pretty expressive in my hand gestures, tired and looped. Aren’t Raymcations exciting?

Too bad I can’t wear hot pink sunglasses in the winter time. Too bad I can, but only at night in a night club. Funny how that works.

Baha I look almost nakes.


My girl junk.


My A Game.

My Dubai view. Oh man Lois how much does this make us want to go back. The Westin will hook it up thanks to my New York Times hat trick. #Howtoholdbrandsandestablishmentsemotionallyhostage.

En route from airport I was thinking how ghetto is this island exactly? On the outer-skirts of Aruba in the bush it’s pretty desolate, nice to visit only kind of thing. This would be like the Mississauga/Etobicoke surrounding area of the airport. Where we stayed I learned is considered the high-rise hotel, more luxurious area. Tourists with money to burn. Luckily we know Victor who just bought more properties and is having them furnished presently.

Oh, Kony. Remember that?

It was blazing hot. I was sweltering in my airplane outfit. The girls were freezing on the flight over we all had to sleep huddle cuddle together in our row.

The window tint made it this way. It was actually tropical paradise sunny blue crystal diamond sky out.

Came across more Black Keys pics as well.

I was extremely proud of my outfit and my nail job.

I am the Pee Wee Herman of girls. Anja and I had a reunion yesterday and she was all yeah you so ARE your own show. More on her later. HBD!!! So many November birthdays. Tomorrow is LoLo.

Black Keys vortex.

Back to Aruba now what le f?

Hung out with this chick one night.

Love my hair colour here.

Our last supper.

Lol geek.

Grey Goose and OJ hey, hey, hey. Happy hour is far away.

For some reason these seem to have disappeared from my last post. Ghost in the blog? WTF.

Like so many are missing wtf? ugh dealing with it later. Happy Sunday! Remembrance Day holla.

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