PBE Gets F-Up/wears Diamond Rings.


Over the tenure of my career as a blogger I’ve discovered that a significant portion of my success can be attributed to doing what you’re “not supposed to ” in the media and everywhere else on the streets too.

It’s Valentine’s Day: DEAL WITH IT.


Valentine’s Day Desperation begins to kick in around New Years had it not begun already around Christmas, or September. I always said that it’s just like Christmas or Birthdays in terms of gift giving expectations, except I take it ten times more seriously. Honestly GTFO if you don’t get V Day right! Here’s the part where I tell you how. Familiarize yourself with the D’s – Do’s, Don’ts, disasters, dates, & dicks and dipping-out. READ IT BEYOTCH!!!!

The worst thing you can do to a kid today is tell them they’re normal.

It’s Up!!!!! READ IT! Nate is my muse. Rules. Make sure you go through his site too there’s a lot of fun shit in there.

Aaaaand here is my daily harassment reminder to vote for PBE we’re up for two social media awards in Vancouver, another reason to get me out west to visit the Raymi fans out there. Please take a sec and vote at these two links that would be uh-maaaazing. Vote:

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btw last night ruled too. More on that later. xo

Short lived love

Hey friendsbians, how’s your news? Is anyone actually cool enough to “get” that reference? I mean there’s hipsters and then there’s people who dress like hipsters. Who cares anyway it was just a silly blog opener. I guess I should update this old-fangled thing for ya’s then!

Well Lets at’er.

Sunday Funday beginneth. We were going to go to burlesque brunch but there was a door cover and it’s too early for tits and ass anyway plus I planned to eat and drink a lot. I’m budgeting bro. Plus paying for Bechnique cos that’s how I do. Being single is expensive man. You hang out a lot with other single people.

Especially when you have gold tastes and constantly eat your way out of problems.

And crave action, stimulus. Lois is the same too we discussed this in the car rollin’ home after dinner and a hang with Paula yesterday. Sunday Funday spilled in to Monday Funday for your heroine. Vagabond artist lifestyles these days. It’s kind of exhausting. My world is split in to two halves. I don’t really mind it. I speak on the in the minx podcast about how I’m like the wandering minstrel now, that guy with all the rats that follow him around ahahha yeah.

Life is exciting though. I get to do a bevy of different things creatively as my gig, then see the project come to completion and then it’s like what’s next? This week’s task is my Feature on Nate going up and BrassVixens/Salvador Darling pop-up where I am bartending (((((FRIDAY)))))!!! It’s going to be amazing. Yes everyone is going. Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/135093373317425/

Mt. T was here. Are you guys following me on instagram yet?

Also did you know Brass Vixens is “blowing up” btw? Two shows are filming in there. Just make sure you come on Friday I say no more. Except that I took an aerial fitness class taught by Shannon on Monday and it was mega-relaxing, after all that wild stretching, upside-downsies, hip swinging crazy fun-ness. Raymi recommends!

Then I rode the dark horse.

The house red blend at Gusto is so good. The house wins. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out what the best wine was. I had two glasses.

I am going on a water diet this week. Avoid me.

There’s water in tequila, right? Had a cool time with Paula (has the same phone as me!) haven’t seen that chick since Lolo’s birthday last year.

What? I have to take selfies I was told to! Yay no problem. BTW We are up for a Vancouver Social Media award please vote (MUST FOLLOW OF 2013) and help us win I will do you a favour if you take a second and vote and Please vote daily too ILU! I’ll have a case of Playboy Energy at Salvador Darling Friday BTW it goes awesome with vodka + all other booze.

This could be you on Friday if you help us win and join the PBE Nation. It’s the high life! Don’t you want to see me and Hugh Hefner hug someday??? Sorry I know vote-clamouring is annoying.

Give it up for Bechnique‘s cray rave salads. #Best.

Instagram version.

Raw Raymi version.

Gladstoner FTW.

How can I not eat that after reading that. Bech got it too once she saw me inhale mine.

Dolci trio desserts. The middle one is deep fried pear pasta whaaaaaaat.

Rick Mercer’s alley. You know where he does his talkie talkies.

She left it like I left it last I was there so I made a new arrangement. #iamanicefriend.

I put the egg on the inside with sriracha and it went all over my face and the plate well it wasn’t that messy but it wasn’t pretty, well it was kind of pretty if you think disgusting and cute can be pretty (I do).


It was a nice day so we girl walked along Queen to have a drink and eat again, peach habanero salsa mmm, mango? Then Rebecca made us taco-less tacos (romaine lettuce) because eating is the best.

It’s so fun.

I can stand up, go upside down, I was proud of myself actually. Okay I gotta go. TTYL!

Promise I’m on it!

Stalk to me baby

Here is one of my subtle moves if I’m not sure if someone on Facebook has a significant other or not, if just a fan of mine, or if they are just interested in doing business with me. I go about 6 or 7 profile pictures deep and “like” it then, wait and see what happens. Usually nothing because the move is so deep-con it goes right over their heads. They don’t even know how much I just came on to them! Waste.

Read it and weep! LOVE RAYMI BUNNY.

See you after my work out.

It’s not always about me

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I wrote a thing about Vasko the magnificent who brought me in to the big leagues with the awesomest photoshoot I’ve ever done. Thanks bro. There’s still loads of shots you cats haven’t ever seen btw I am enacting big girl patience big time on sitting on the rest of them but then when we run out I guess we’ll have to take more.

Erin English

Now here’s a blurb from my feature,

…I’m sure that sometimes there will be chemistry in the air as the smokin’ hot subject and artist create together. As she undresses bit-by-bit and the portraits click by, telling the ‘taking my clothes off for the camera’ story. How can you resist that? I mean, it is a job and there are rules enforced in the workplace for reasons yeah, but who doesn’t fall in love sometimes? Hats off to you Vasko your portfolio is ridonkulous and in the competitive photography industry you are killing it one hot chick at a time.

Ooh scintillating? Read the rest and see ya next time.

And don’t forget my favourite and in-part inspiration for the article, le collage.

Thanks for watchin’! -RAYMI BUN-BUN. Going for a run run later in the sun sun. LOL shut up.

Stay thirsty.