Short lived love

Hey friendsbians, how’s your news? Is anyone actually cool enough to “get” that reference? I mean there’s hipsters and then there’s people who dress like hipsters. Who cares anyway it was just a silly blog opener. I guess I should update this old-fangled thing for ya’s then!

Well Lets at’er.

Sunday Funday beginneth. We were going to go to burlesque brunch but there was a door cover and it’s too early for tits and ass anyway plus I planned to eat and drink a lot. I’m budgeting bro. Plus paying for Bechnique cos that’s how I do. Being single is expensive man. You hang out a lot with other single people.

Especially when you have gold tastes and constantly eat your way out of problems.

And crave action, stimulus. Lois is the same too we discussed this in the car rollin’ home after dinner and a hang with Paula yesterday. Sunday Funday spilled in to Monday Funday for your heroine. Vagabond artist lifestyles these days. It’s kind of exhausting. My world is split in to two halves. I don’t really mind it. I speak on the in the minx podcast about how I’m like the wandering minstrel now, that guy with all the rats that follow him around ahahha yeah.

Life is exciting though. I get to do a bevy of different things creatively as my gig, then see the project come to completion and then it’s like what’s next? This week’s task is my Feature on Nate going up and BrassVixens/Salvador Darling pop-up where I am bartending (((((FRIDAY)))))!!! It’s going to be amazing. Yes everyone is going. Facebook event link:

Mt. T was here. Are you guys following me on instagram yet?

Also did you know Brass Vixens is “blowing up” btw? Two shows are filming in there. Just make sure you come on Friday I say no more. Except that I took an aerial fitness class taught by Shannon on Monday and it was mega-relaxing, after all that wild stretching, upside-downsies, hip swinging crazy fun-ness. Raymi recommends!

Then I rode the dark horse.

The house red blend at Gusto is so good. The house wins. I didn’t feel like trying to figure out what the best wine was. I had two glasses.

I am going on a water diet this week. Avoid me.

There’s water in tequila, right? Had a cool time with Paula (has the same phone as me!) haven’t seen that chick since Lolo’s birthday last year.

What? I have to take selfies I was told to! Yay no problem. BTW We are up for a Vancouver Social Media award please vote (MUST FOLLOW OF 2013) and help us win I will do you a favour if you take a second and vote and Please vote daily too ILU! I’ll have a case of Playboy Energy at Salvador Darling Friday BTW it goes awesome with vodka + all other booze.

This could be you on Friday if you help us win and join the PBE Nation. It’s the high life! Don’t you want to see me and Hugh Hefner hug someday??? Sorry I know vote-clamouring is annoying.

Give it up for Bechnique‘s cray rave salads. #Best.

Instagram version.

Raw Raymi version.

Gladstoner FTW.

How can I not eat that after reading that. Bech got it too once she saw me inhale mine.

Dolci trio desserts. The middle one is deep fried pear pasta whaaaaaaat.

Rick Mercer’s alley. You know where he does his talkie talkies.

She left it like I left it last I was there so I made a new arrangement. #iamanicefriend.

I put the egg on the inside with sriracha and it went all over my face and the plate well it wasn’t that messy but it wasn’t pretty, well it was kind of pretty if you think disgusting and cute can be pretty (I do).


It was a nice day so we girl walked along Queen to have a drink and eat again, peach habanero salsa mmm, mango? Then Rebecca made us taco-less tacos (romaine lettuce) because eating is the best.

It’s so fun.

I can stand up, go upside down, I was proud of myself actually. Okay I gotta go. TTYL!

Promise I’m on it!

What’s crappening!?

An instance of second place being first place, against Jonathan, who came in dead last. Then once I mastered the art of blowing shit up while racing it was pretty magnificent. The girls played too. Jules liked Street Fighter better.

Oh great a shittier version of the other picture and the same stupid pose too but this time with glasses (I keeps it Full Metal Jacket). Me so cute. Life feels like war sometimes so wearing an army helmet felt natural. My grandfather was in WWII in intelligence. He bombed Nazis. HOLLA! Also, holla at me jew boys heeheh I think that gets me some challah for life. ‘spect.

Ferry wharf obvs.

Scooby Doo.

I asked turtleneck if he was wearing a turtleneck because he’s better than everybody else then we said “it’s pretentious” at the same time then I said I like it. Hanging out with younger dudes and sass mouthin’ ‘em is kind of my bag. This other kid is dressed as Conrad Black allegedly and is un-allegedly doing the international sign for a BJ.

They call me the murderer.

Dreams really do come true.

I have had a thing for JCVD since Universal Soldier. My brother and I used to say MY NAME IS SERGEANT ANDREW SCOTT (bad guy soldier and JCVD’s nemesis) now how much hotter did I just get for saying all of that?

His accent really is somethin’ else like the guy just can’t even say words without adding an ‘h’ sound here, extra syl-Labble there, it’s the frenchy way.

The most ridiculous drinks ever after a couple you just give in. The vortex swallowed us up just like your mother, who also swallows. Pighead persona day yay!

Did you have fun Bechnique? Yes you did. After this we went to Supermarket and danced up a storm and now I am pledging to go dancing one night a week at least cos I love that shit and I am the best at it. I even breakdanced a little bit on the w/e too. On Friday. I impressed an entire crew of break-dancing dudes (just go with it ok this actually happened) and there’s evidence out there somewhere and that dancing lead to Supermarket’s inflated sense of self esteem groovin’ moves and the rest will be history. Yeah right I probably dance like Elaine.

She was shitty pretty™.

Get it right get it wrong i don’t care just get it.

There ya go. I wussed out on adding a black smear of makeup beneath each eye figuring I would regret it if we went elsewhere and based on how we were dancing and being encircled at SM Jules and I agreed that people would not be able to handle the army helmet so we made a pile of our purse jackets crap on the floor and danced around it by the back stairs and decided to not go in to the sweaty shit show back room cave but become our own dance circle hostesses for departing and entering drunken bros and hos. It was a great time right kids?

Remember that Beetle Bailey comic? How old is the youngest person who reads my blog? Do I even want to know that? I know the brands wanna know.

Caught a train back to city. I was not around for the Eaton Center shooting. I notice once the seasons change to spring a lot of cray shit happens in the world. Can’t people just be normal? Hugs not drugs people and if drugs avoid the zombie kinds.

My tank top turns in to stupid a Johhny Depp (sometimes Brad Pitt) hat. I just missed the downpour. It stopped by the time I hit Libville. I had a lot of interesting looks on the weekend because it rained and I did not pack for it properly at all. Bikinis and summer maxi dresses, not one hoodie or a proper jacket so I had to layer all these weird things together and I was unnerved by it. If you don’t got your gear together then your game ain’t gonna be right. I should just stick to a uniform life would be easier. Boringer. Albeit easier. I prefer difficulty. Doesn’t everybody? So stupid.

I had to show Bechnique what my hat looked like she was going to wait for me with roses at the station but then it started to pour. She was going to pick me a weed flower actually. It was going to be romantic. She waited for me at my place instead and gave me a blade of grass that she didn’t actually give or pick and that I did not take okay we get it. I dashed inside and changed for the Street Fighter party.

I need to update my ipod tunes.

Looks like night but is actually a glooming ominous cloud following some lightning. I am scared of lightning.

I liked my hair.

Needs a trim.

I look like Aslan.

I’m going to dye it again soon.

It’s true. Patio season rules.

See the layering? I even wore my rubber boots from wakestock they were in my mom’s trunk nice try Tracey get your own. Also thank you for all the clothes I’ll blog the gym pics next. I thought I looked like Russell Simmons in this over-sized hat like exactly haha.

My mom wore these on the boat on May 2-4 and I wanted my own pair so Lois got me a pair so cozy and vibrant. My mom’s feet popped like cray there is no way I am hanging out with you in those attention winning sandals and not have a pair on my own feet.

Oink oink baby. BBQ back bacon sandwich.

See how teeny I was before I hit the burbs, well as I hit it, then consumed all of it. And those pants hadn’t been broken in yet. I stay between 120-124lbs btw. On ultra skinny day-times I go to 118 and if I am being an asshole or wicked stressed 115. I am not pro-ana at all just sometimes I divulge this shit and girls wanna know so, there you go.

The bra is a little ridiculous I know. Teach picked it out for me one time in Burlington. I’d like to get some smaller ones so I am not lying my face off all the time with these big cans but what does it really matter anyway I don’t think I am any less pretty or more hot with or without a padded chest. I prefer to be flat I just didn’t have time to pack an alternative more modest bra after the Maestro video. I only wear the bra so the world can’t see my nips and these 3F shirts are see-through. My leopard print bra fits better under this shirt I think and I like the print that pokes out. Taking this ginger thing a little seriously much? Peach is a wickedly cosmetic tone, anything in the coral family, it just zaps life in to your appearance.

On our way to Yorkville for the Maestro video shoot.

I love looking at these, they make me happy, the bottles of polish too. I collect things and group them in assimilating colours.

These girls owe me a bottle! The flooding of Union Station was another reason why I stayed oot of town.

Right before our food came. Some people might recognize this bar.

Mmm brunch I’d love some brunch right meow. I will settle for a handful of spicy ketchup ruffles.

It’s never too early for burlesque. A surf rockabilly band competition was afoot it was a really funexpected time.

I had the egg white scramble wrap.

We caught the last act, Esther Deville I think.

Yeah budday!

Good move. Next Sunday there’ll be more burlesque brunch. It felt like being at a party, well, I guess it was but when your intent is just food then turns into a mimosa surf concert and entertainment, that sounds like a party. Plus I finally met Mysterion.

Gotta go!