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It’s Valentine’s Day: DEAL WITH IT.


Valentine’s Day Desperation begins to kick in around New Years had it not begun already around Christmas, or September. I always said that it’s just like Christmas or Birthdays in terms of gift giving expectations, except I take it ten times more seriously. Honestly GTFO if you don’t get V Day right! Here’s the part where I tell you how. Familiarize yourself with the D’s – Do’s, Don’ts, disasters, dates, & dicks and dipping-out. READ IT BEYOTCH!!!!

6 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day: DEAL WITH IT.

  1. The guys I know who say “I don’t celebrate a hallmark holidays” never do anything else for their woman either.
    Getting Vday right is a small price to pay to make your wife/gf feel special.

  2. Well you are all allowed to buy me a present or do me something awesome because I am single thanks you’re welcome and no problem.

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