The worst thing you can do to a kid today is tell them they’re normal.

It’s Up!!!!! READ IT! Nate is my muse. Rules. Make sure you go through his site too there’s a lot of fun shit in there.

Aaaaand here is my daily harassment reminder to vote for PBE we’re up for two social media awards in Vancouver, another reason to get me out west to visit the Raymi fans out there. Please take a sec and vote at these two links that would be uh-maaaazing. Vote:

Here 1. Best SMC and here 2. Must Follow of 2013. TY!

btw last night ruled too. More on that later. xo


Hey guys. Welcome back. It’s great to be here. I’ve had a wonderful last few days.

Ready for this?

Nate and I have been meaning to collaborate for a long time now he is my e-buddy hardcore since I slipped through the cracks. We talk all the goddamn time and since I well, I should shut my yapper actually because I am writing about him for these bros ===> so with what I am not using for that mega piece I’ll just blog now. I must say though that I am muchos stoked.

I went cray at winners on a ton of black gear. That is my look until I am fit again. That’s an rcva shirt, did I spell it right? Anyway street cred.

I got one of those phone cases you can drop off a building that was smart of me.

Shannon gave me a cute pink hoodie it is so warm and soft I’m going to put it on when I next stand up.

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