Soiling the Royals

All Bunny ears up cos my Playboy Energy Drink Canada UK vs. Dutch Royals article is up. Woah that was a lot of countries listed in a row in one sentence. Whatever forever. Long live Prince Harry and spicy QILF Máxima of the Netherlands, plus the rest of ‘em. Except Camilla. HISS. Love Raymi Bunny Lebowski the First.

Queen’s Day was awesome. Why should I grow up when this art school geezer doesn’t have to? I’d rather be like him than any of you every day of the week. You guys need to check yourself and enjoy life a little more. Me, I’m good. Miss you Canuckleheads.


More soon folks. Ps. I’m in a music video it released today yay. – Mark Loughman’s video btw: British rocker guy, class act, classic. janes addiction and the fucking queens of the stoneage front man play on this track. im the one in the sparkle bottoms. the little old man knows john and yoko btw. He’s 86.

It’s Valentine’s Day: DEAL WITH IT.


Valentine’s Day Desperation begins to kick in around New Years had it not begun already around Christmas, or September. I always said that it’s just like Christmas or Birthdays in terms of gift giving expectations, except I take it ten times more seriously. Honestly GTFO if you don’t get V Day right! Here’s the part where I tell you how. Familiarize yourself with the D’s – Do’s, Don’ts, disasters, dates, & dicks and dipping-out. READ IT BEYOTCH!!!!

The worst thing you can do to a kid today is tell them they’re normal.

It’s Up!!!!! READ IT! Nate is my muse. Rules. Make sure you go through his site too there’s a lot of fun shit in there.

Aaaaand here is my daily harassment reminder to vote for PBE we’re up for two social media awards in Vancouver, another reason to get me out west to visit the Raymi fans out there. Please take a sec and vote at these two links that would be uh-maaaazing. Vote:

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btw last night ruled too. More on that later. xo

The Raymi Noose

Someone told me to hashtag everything in instagram cos that’s when the magic happens. So I did. I love this gothic thing. Scare-terrarium. #timburton approved. Then Tim Burton LIKED THIS PICTURE. –sonic boom– That guy is like my idol. Nightmare before Christmas was like my best friend (on vhs) for a little while, punctured by lots of books #nerdalert but in any event Tim Burton was emo before emo was emo and I dig that. Am emo. I used to sing NBXmas to the tv and maybe I never got over playing Scrooge one Christmas play a week after my grandfather died. Drama complex. If there was a broadway rendition of this film I would BE Jack Skellington. It’s nice to have bizarre interests to funnel your creative weirdness energy in to. Thanks Mr. Burton. Ps. Batman Returns is well-awesome too.

Random stacked titles I felt represented us pretty good. Guess the one of these I haven’t seen (passed out in the first ten minutes).

Ronald Mcdonald gone hipster.

Some other big deal sportscaster guy tweeted at me the other day too. I love when that happens.

After Les Mis the other night we also shared this. Sugar sugar sugar. You know I didn’t order it because there’s no sauce.

End of Watch is an amazing movie btw. Bro movie all the way. Disturbing, very.

This morning.

Hope to see you guys tonight! It’s going to be fun. Shake off that winter stir cray. <3

It’s been “one of those weeks”.

Saying so long in the most f–up way to my sweet tooth. What are we gonna dance to today I wonder. I’m putting together my dodgeball outfit too. That’s tomorrwoah. Provided I don’t bail or hit’er too hard tonight. You get mad adrenaline from bartending so who knows (I know). X-oh yo.

Dreamers of the world

What I’ve learned from both these gents is something mega-important: likeability. You must have it if people are going to buy your merch let alone give you the time or chance to sell it to ‘em. Being in sales myself I’ve learned this as well. I sell dreams and lifestyle, multi-brands and experiences but not everybody likes me…


But go on read the rest! I profiled Shane and Derek, two Canadian entrepreneur friends of mine making it in the big bad world with their wacky products and I dig it man!

ps. right? I get a matching remix watch too #Spoiled.

Gettin’ ready for the Ski Show. My second batch of shots has arrived, tackle time.

Here I am changing in a sandwich shop because it was raining and I was cold. The guy had just closed for the night, saw me coming walked back up the stairs and began unlocking it and I say up to him you are SO going to hate what I am about to do in there. The ATM wasn’t even working so why was he letting me in at all period? Was he going to make me a burger too? Have you ever had a forced awkward conversation about food with a stranger with your turtleneck strangling your face? No shame all fame.

I am a good camera girl I mean, come on. Those things are a cinch. Provided someone else does all the settings and all you gotta do is do the lens thing properly which is the best part anyway because it makes you look like a real photographer. Always put your hat on backwards too 1. so the brim doesn’t get in the way 2. you mean business. Cameras are a great way for sneaking in to places or standing right at the front of the stage pretending to take pictures because you already took 300. Don’t even get me started on press/photo passes.

I was putting a black shirt on over a black t-shirt but it looks like I haven’t done anything at all.

And then I smiled my way in to a Marlies game. Weren’t serving beer anymore so left after 4 seconds. I love sneaking in to stuff.

Or officially supposed to be there, either or, I like to be there. Damn I am so poetic today.

Those boots were my mom’s, she never wore em and this was my first time. Brought the pants together me-thinks. Styled by Craymi. At first I had a baby blue tee on and it was amplifying me like a beam of golden zeusplosion I think it hurt colleague’s eyes.

Bye for real this time. See you again at 3pm. Which in Raymi Standard Time Zone means 4pm.