Soiling the Royals

All Bunny ears up cos my Playboy Energy Drink Canada UK vs. Dutch Royals article is up. Woah that was a lot of countries listed in a row in one sentence. Whatever forever. Long live Prince Harry and spicy QILF Máxima of the Netherlands, plus the rest of ‘em. Except Camilla. HISS. Love Raymi Bunny Lebowski the First.

Queen’s Day was awesome. Why should I grow up when this art school geezer doesn’t have to? I’d rather be like him than any of you every day of the week. You guys need to check yourself and enjoy life a little more. Me, I’m good. Miss you Canuckleheads.

raymiddleton vs katetheminx

who wore the smythe blazer better?
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before vote casting, please study the following closely. do it for canaduh! seeing as i’ve been emailed about this a billion times i may as well pony up on an opportunity for an old fashioned WHO WORE IT BETTER?

trailblazer (hyuck hyuck) contestant number one: raymbo bright. model actress blogger writer institution. contestant duex: a royal hottie prospective future queen.

ok now her turn.

snoringly hot. i should get bonus consideration points for doing to first though. in fashion world that stands for something. FIRST. also being your own stylist.