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Soiling the Royals

All Bunny ears up cos my Playboy Energy Drink Canada UK vs. Dutch Royals article is up. Woah that was a lot of countries listed in a row in one sentence. Whatever forever. Long live Prince Harry and spicy QILF Máxima of the Netherlands, plus the rest of ‘em. Except Camilla. HISS. Love Raymi Bunny Lebowski the First.

Queen’s Day was awesome. Why should I grow up when this art school geezer doesn’t have to? I’d rather be like him than any of you every day of the week. You guys need to check yourself and enjoy life a little more. Me, I’m good. Miss you Canuckleheads.

13 thoughts on “Soiling the Royals

  1. I think Charles and Camilla’s love story is actually pretty amazing. I’m glad they finally got together.

  2. I think Camilla is uglier than a bag of assholes. What was Charles thinking? She must be a total whore and bj queen, though, even the top of her head is hideous.

  3. @Hawk: Camilla is ugly now because she is an older woman who, apparently, does not believe in a lot of plastic surgery. Historically, older women are not sex objects. It is what it is. When she was younger, when she first dated Charles, she was cute and althletic looking.

    Raymi, yeah, I feel bad for Diana. She was a pawn, but so was Charles. It was an arranged marriage, and arranged marriages suck. If Diana had lived, she would have had a happy, productive life apart from the Royal Family. I’m glad Charles finally got together with the woman he loved. They look happy.

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