You want a revelation, You wanna get it right But it’s a conversation, I just can’t have tonight.

We’re all still v happy about the rug here. Rug town.

Post dinner drunk celebratory gingerbread house grocery shop. I love dancing and buying retarded shit in my finest, don’t you?

I don’t wear this jacket much so when I do I make damn sure to capture it, Tyra Banks now owns one too, after Kate Middleton bited me, who is next? Half of my tv interview last night was me talking about my stupid fucking jacket omfg what an idiot I couldn’t stop myself I either blew it hard or slam dunked hail mary hallelujah swished it. Lulz. Cramming your entire life in to ten minutes, when ALL of it is insane material makes you motor mouth like the micro-machine man except It’s Charlie Sheen talking in the vessel of Courtney Love (one of the interviewers said that, sigh). Kids, if you haven’t been paying attention regarding hype and larger than lifeness in blogging and you aren’t bringing it, I’d close your blogs down now. No one’s reading it. They’re all reading insane things or not reading at all, they’re tumbling at 95 miles per hour ADHD super street wicked cool perverse pop culture things. Or Facebooking kids to death (last year’s Simpson’s Xmas show quote). Sorry I don’t know why this is turning out like the Editor’s letter in an insane asylum magazine, but there it is. Ditva Von Teese shops in heels and hosiery all the time apparently. TO THE NINES GALS! Older Libvillian broads were looking me up and down deliciously, jealiciously. This is the most expensive jacket I have ever bought on Holt Renfrew’s dime by way of Crystal Light. When Stacey Mckenzie saw me walk in she goes, is that a SMYTHE blazer? Like it was important? I should have said hi when I jogged passed her two days ago, I am a shy loser.

Good omen.

Bunny Angora is coming over to collect her strippin’ money and I said if she wasn’t in a hurry she could help me make this. EXCELLENT! I kind of want to combine all this together like a Pee Wee Herman nightmare but I don’t think it would work out plus we ate half the candy last night on the couch ha ha. The train is for my dad so we’ll see how that turns out. I need a fancy plate.

Were already in the eastish end so went further to the Danforth to Allen’s and I thought I was hallucinating when I saw that blackened potato salad wasn’t on the menu, but it was, phewf. I never allow myself to have potato so this was a special treat. I want this recipe. Also had capon wings. It was pouring rain and cozy back there, Teacher’s shirt matched the table cloth. Baha.

And the green room was totally green, were they being comedians there or what?

Gay date man bar. And older than fifties book club maybe secret lesbians (that part I made up cos I saw one woman doing googoo eyes hilariously to this one little bird of a woman with her, over wine) I know it’s a gay man bar cos this one smokin’ hot couple that I aligned myself with so that I could have a staring contest with one of the guys did not look at me once but SO at Teacher.

ps. that’s on mad rotate right now. Blog title lyric comes from this song. I just love her.

We used the stir sticks from our drinks and pretended we were wizards making up Harry Potterish words, then I wore my black scarf like a cape and with my stupid owl shirt and the candle, it really pushed it over the edge then Teacher said I was embarrassing myself and I pretended to give a fuck. Embarrassing? I am Raymiing out over here dude. Then we got on the DVP in the wrong way and had to drive north for a bit, in the downpour, it was comical despite rage-inducing turned right around back again at the Danforth and all over again start the treck back to our neck of the woods. HEhehh. We might both be getting sick too. I probably have rickets.

Like I said I make sure to capture this jacket. In vanity bulbs no less.

Didn’t know what to expect so I youthened it up by culling from my dressing-hipster-by-numbers emergency accessory kit: suspenders. They actually keep my pants up! I do not like belts.

I like whips. Equestrian whips. Dominatrix allusions, from belt to whips. Follow along now.

Posin’ by a flower is WHAT RAYMI WOULD DO in a situation like this. I had to blast my nerves away. Just give them the Raymi. Ha.

My Little Pony is one of my style inspirations. Now that my roots are coming in I wear my hair down everyday til they’re done so I look like a Fabio Unicorn.

The battle is never won.

My phone is acting up maybe because I email myself too many pictures? Ha. So that’s all for now folks. What’s up?

Cool Branding 101

(video removed so the following is relevant to a shirt I was wearing in it).

I will retire this song from my blog now. This is the second part of it when she really rips her. That was the most expensive shirt I bought ever really that I can think of. My Smythe blazer was purchased with free money ($1000 gift card to holts renfrew!) so I don’t know if it counts cos it’s not out of pocket. It was almost $800. Then it went viral a week later, the label, by kate middleton selecting it while visiting toronto. The same happened with my monster bikini which every girl I know said they tried it on or saw it, everyone wants to glom off the mainstream or affix themselves to it. Yeah but DID you buy it? No you di’in’t. There is no denying that I am a trendsetter, an originator and early-adopter. Getting to things first, is not only an obsession, it’s a compulsion. When you live on the beat, at the pulse, in a city or largely I feel, born with it (a cool gene) this is where the compulsion comes from. It is ingrained. Debate me all you like about this alleged coolness but you’re wrong.

It’s a skill. You can’t purchase cool just like Douglas Coupland said purchased experiences don’t count. What about all the rich guys in the world, what’s next? Celebrity. Not satisfied til “it all” is all attained. I know I am not stopping until I am in a feature film, big one. Even if it kills me and it most certainly will.

I am having one of those and now what do I talk about moments because at the moment I am immersed in 4 separate projects. Half the shit I am presently doing in life I should have been doing years ago. I think the city would have swallowed up and spat out a 19 year old trying to lead a burlesque troupe, I was too green, too young. Now I am ready. I want to, as usual, blab about every detail about these projects because I am hyper and excitable and proud. My edginess gets the better of me, bests me and I decided to stop obstacling myself. Yesterday I flipped out and said if I can’t undo my image (colleague said it doesn’t happen over night) then I may as well throw in the social media towel cos this is bulls-t.

My traffic is better. My rank is HIGHER. My legend, older. People are actually reading my blog so it tells me they just don’t think people have the capacity to change. The raciest thing about me is my tits. Which haven’t been seen in ages. I love children and animals. I am no phoney.

My legacy it will be Rock and writing. Maybe some art too. How f-ing cool no? You know who is in to that? Kids. I have a niece who is 13. You want to sell things to these tots, they are reading Raymbo just so you know. They follow where cool is and I’m sorry to break it to you but IT IS RIGHT HERE.

I don’t toot my own horn too often cos in my experience I have found that is when things sincerely go to shit but I am just glad to hear that others have been and sometimes karma has a way of biting you. A pal said we don’t congratulate ourselves too much, or enough. So maybe I’ll do just that. I busted my ass this week, so cheers to ya if ya did too!

XOXO Yours, Raymbo.

Ps. Here’s my runway and said blazer. FIERCE!

raymiddleton vs katetheminx

who wore the smythe blazer better?
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before vote casting, please study the following closely. do it for canaduh! seeing as i’ve been emailed about this a billion times i may as well pony up on an opportunity for an old fashioned WHO WORE IT BETTER?

trailblazer (hyuck hyuck) contestant number one: raymbo bright. model actress blogger writer institution. contestant duex: a royal hottie prospective future queen.

ok now her turn.

snoringly hot. i should get bonus consideration points for doing to first though. in fashion world that stands for something. FIRST. also being your own stylist.