Stalk to me baby

Here is one of my subtle moves if I’m not sure if someone on Facebook has a significant other or not, if just a fan of mine, or if they are just interested in doing business with me. I go about 6 or 7 profile pictures deep and “like” it then, wait and see what happens. Usually nothing because the move is so deep-con it goes right over their heads. They don’t even know how much I just came on to them! Waste.

Read it and weep! LOVE RAYMI BUNNY.

See you after my work out.

Infinite impossibilities

I said this. They said that. The rest is bunstory. Bonus time? This is surprisingly harder than it looks but luckily I am a seasoned vet at all things standing still self-photography. Turn a mug upside down for your tripod press click and PAUSE. Next time I will dust. Pretty sure I’ll inherit this ballin’ hutch someday. Love my g-rent’s posh taste.

I think we have a match.

Wait til you see the other arty suburban stills I’ve been taking. I’m sure you can wait. But, are you?

Just doin’ ma job. Didja have a nice Whoreween?

See you soon!