Why not blog?

Hi there. I just need to blog right now. I don’t need rhyme or reason for it I just have to do it cos it has been a significant amount of time since I last partook and the cobwebs need to come out. This picture is from Saturday, as my cold/virus/flu bug became progressively worse and culminated in me lying beneath a pile of blankets in the berth of the boat. Don’t even start with boat terminology as I have no clue, nor care (just yet).

This was the first time our friend took his new Trimaran out and thus, first time back in to dock and I successfully acquired a perma-boat invite for myself (and mom by default lol) by being a good, boat docker? Everyone cheered and clapped for us so I guess it was a feat made with precision to warrant applause.

We’re not allowed to take or show pictures of our friend either because he doesn’t want users coming out of the woodwork. Smart guy.

I’m standing here just in case we get too close so despite this useless pose I am actually being useful here. Reasons for everything omg!

This boat is awesome, simply put. Here I am thinking about how sick I am/going to get.

All the tylenol cold meds curbed my appetite so a smoothie today was the first thing other than halls and OJ that I consumed since Saturday, then had a microwave meal before leaving work.

I gotta hand it to you.

Saturday afternoon.. Chantal Kreviazuk in the foreground and one Minx and mother up above in the bg. More on this later (it will receive its own dedicated post).

Okay one more why not. WAR child representage.

Friday morning light in my room.

Canadian Tuxedo.

I love wearing the cheapest dress possible to big money events, I am a jerk like that.

I do not think I would tire of living here.

The swag bags were pretty awesome too.

Chantal’s voice is amazing.

I didn’t end up wearing these, it was a little much. Also, like 4 times the price of my dress lol (they were a gift).

Funnest work party ever Friday. They finally got us a bouncy castle to make us shut up/call our bluff ahaha. It was hilarious. It holds 14 children which equals, 4 adults. God so many funny things. So sweaty. My body was sore all weekend, but not just from bouncy castle but from wiffle ball and football and maybe bocce ball.

Glad I brought a back-up outfit in case things got sporty, which they did.

Oh yeah I hurt my finger playing football. No biggie.

Ate amazing pizza at my new fav place Friday night. It was indulgent as all hell.

So dreamy.

One of my favourite local parks.

Watch out for Coyotes though.

The left side slumped over at one point because there was a pile of people who all bounced and fell into the crevice, it was pretty hilarious to see.

Sometimes I find I have an aversion to fruit and I don’t know why but when I see it I will forevermore make a concerted effort to eat it.

My latest Playboy Energy Drink V-Spot is out! ENJOY. I would have lead with a Miley pic but, she’s too NSFW for my blog. Who would have ever seen that one coming??

Here, look at me instead. My hair is becoming the same length as these falsies are, which I left in Holland lol. I bet you can’t guess what kind of hair it is (animal) and if I told you already before you can’t guess.

I look fwd to the next game.

Went for a run and turned up here. Well, at least I know where I was for the Habs’ second last chance at a victory dance.

These are like second skin I really need to bust them out on the town sometime. Probably at work. When it’s not so super hot in the morning where I can think adeptly about an outfit to wear. I was burning up and sweating this morning, oh man.

Great game Monday night.

It was their 7th or 8th win in a row, who knows where it’s at now.

These are my work bros! Wednesday trivia night by the way it’s the last one.

I am friends with one of the blue jays because of this picture, now! Now I stalk to him on instagram, well, I plan to (please remind me).

Damara joined us! My mom was going to go in place of another ticket but someone hit her (parked) car when we were on the boat the day before so she had to deal with that on game day. The idiot who hit her also hit someone else on his way to meet her at the shop WTF Ahahahhaha.

Nice seats. We also got up and jammed our way to the porch bar so we could stretch our legs and goof around in general. FUN TIMES.

Boring salad in non-boring place lunch. I wonder if coyotes like boring salad?

Love these cups. Love summer and foresty things. Camp Day is soon. Time to give a little, I say.

I was in an awful mood last Sunday, hmm maybe that is a new thing cos yesterday’s Sunday I was sick in bed all day. Anyhow, this boat hang was muchos appreciated. I don’t want to get sick of my lake hood as well so it’s good to spread it around.

When my mom showed up to my place and I opened the door to let her in I was like WOW O_O. Good work Trace.

I am a strategically posed blob, no shame. Actually I am all leaned-out from this cold so I better get a boat invite pretty quick to make use of it.

These are so Aruba. Love love love.

This is when we first showed up and laid eyes on the Trimaran. I was speechless. Annoyed too by mom’s instant photoshoot shenanigans. We are so going to have an intervention about it soon.

Alright, that’s about a week in the life of. Have a wonderful night and a beautiful week. Sincerely yours, oh damn forgot my brother is over BYE!

I have something 4U

click me be grateful

Ding dong! Ding dongs (doorbell ring duh), it’s Monday a little after one o’clock which means you might be hating life entertainment-wise at the mo post-lunch wtf in the feelings dept. so anyway thought you’d like to chill with my latest PLAYBOY ENERGY DRANK V-SPOT: Viral News Round-up of the thangs that stood out for me the last week on les webs.

Crush it, xo RLW Bunny Enjoy.

click clickity click click. THE D IS FOR DADDY, PAULY.


Hi guys you know what’s up! My weekly V Spot for Playboy is up and of course I spoke about Miley, but don’t worry a couple other things too. Check it.

“Chicago-based comedy musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman recruited a group of middle-aged librarians for their take on “Sabotage,” and it’s insane! I’ll never look at librarians the same way again.

And don’t forget hot dogs or legs!

Girls do lots of silly shit IRL and on the internet. That is simply what “we do” and so much so that guys finally fought back duly noting how samesies our thighs look to hot dogs when we’re chilling on the beach, on a towel with a coast line behind us or on the couch and so on. Hello! We do that to document our skinniness and to location brag, it’s no different than “I am on a boat” but still, it is “a thing” and we bet hot dog sales have sky rocketed this quarter (can we get an intern to look into those stats please it’s extremely important) hot-dog-legs.tumblr since hit the scene.

Go read/watch the rest of V SPOT now, there’s a verrrrry informative and offensive video in thur explaining why peeps like Bieber and Miley act how they do. Bon weekend. Raymi Buns-a-lot.

Infinite impossibilities

I said this. They said that. The rest is bunstory. Bonus time? This is surprisingly harder than it looks but luckily I am a seasoned vet at all things standing still self-photography. Turn a mug upside down for your tripod press click and PAUSE. Next time I will dust. Pretty sure I’ll inherit this ballin’ hutch someday. Love my g-rent’s posh taste.

I think we have a match.

Wait til you see the other arty suburban stills I’ve been taking. I’m sure you can wait. But, are you?

Just doin’ ma job. Didja have a nice Whoreween?

See you soon!

It’s not me it’s you

Muh-om! I like this better in colour why do you have to go all Tracey pizazzle on it for? Email me the orig please raymitheminxATgmail.com thanks.

Beautiful night much. Two moons in one night. Baha couldn’t resist.

Do you think I am going to pull a Susan Sarandon and not pose with these mini babes? Do I look like I am crying inside AHAHA. Whatever, the more famous you become the less your age matters because notoriety provides relief as long as I don’t turn in to a potato just yet. I will admit I look tireder than normal here, it happens.

Or I can just jump in between these two. Likewise, take a page from the Tracey Chronicles and limelight it to middle age myself. It’s not Pride and Prej. times anymo folks. Anyone who even deigns to make age wisecracks is stupes anyway, plus jealous. I have spent 12 years amassing my seniority you don’t just start a tumblr and become a scene-ior. Ha I am going to tweet that. And while I do notice the younger ones who jock me, I ain’ts stupid. You know that I know what’s up. Read the three letter word url you are parked on right now, that is who I am after all.

Lois was bigging me up to this lady from the Netherlands or something, I love when Lois warms up my audience then I take a big Lebowski swig of my drank and step in for the grand finale. She was talking about the Toronto shooting I think or some other lady who looked like her was and I was like no thanks. You don’t exactly set out to tell your life story to strangers all the time but after they watch us mess around and catch each other up on our lives and take photos, drown one another, their curiosity just can’t handle it any longer and they have to ask you what the f-k is going on.

Exactly lol.

Talking is just as distracting as changing the radio station while driving, the drama steers the car’s wheel with those two. I said to Steve yesterday that I bet when compact disc players were the thing there were totally Dateline NBC and 20/20 scare-terror for ratings reports on music causing collisions and such. Basically just be afraid of everything, make everything illegal and call it a day. Anyway, Lois and Tracey are just too unreal when they drive to and fro TDot. I say no more, otherwise ah lose ma f-ing mind about it!!!

I dare you to drown on my watch. You’d do it too just to get mouth-to-mouth with me I bet. I do possess lifeguard saving CPR skills and all that jazz. Maybes a little rusty though, okay I poke you where? *slams on your chest* bahha.

I wonder when Tray will load up youtube with her vids. She is in to that as well. Incriminating material or not, she is in to it. Always watch everything you do or say around her, she is worse than I am.

This picture would rule if it wasn’t so distorted from FB muth-er.

Lois told me to F the B here cos of the Aruba one. I love how Lois gets out all her little demons passive aggressively like that it’s so cute and I don’t mind at all being the conduit either. Love my LoLo. I like pissing off my mom too and she likes it, it’s disturbing! Lol.

I love this shot mom. Hailey and her buddy spent the week together doing all kinds of things I think that’s great! They go to different schools and are both going in to high school this year. Rocky seen here, kept it real.

I really liked Hailey’s friend’s hair. I have never had wildly dyed hair now that I think of it. I “missed out” oh well. I think I am wild enough though and I’d feel too crazy with kool-aid hair.

Steve’s new murse is the best he loves it so much I am so happy for him and you know what, black was the best colour after all. Tarek is a wizard. Steve is a wizard. They are both wizards. It’s good to keep ties with wizards. If you dudes want to flex your metro-sexuality a little bit too please peruse the NB Man section of Nella Bella I can’t believe I am dating a stylish modelesque dude come to life, I took some photos of him in the parking garage yesterday carrying it and was like wow, simply, wow. The way he held the bag like it wasn’t at all non-masculine. He even carried the blue/green Riviera clutch yesterday for me on our lover’s walk. Aw. I was like stop people are staring, he rocked it even harder. He had a RUN DMC kinda vibe going down so it worked.

I think Hailey is more graceful than I am, mom says she is very ladylike and fem, plus took ballet.

I’ve seen one of her performances before I was impressed and she was so young.

Thanks for the bathing suit Paddy! Everybody loves it. Even Pauly Shore!

LOL. More of that post here.

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Tales from the Bunny Ranch

blah blah blah blah blah i am fake typing for tv right now how do you like my interesting banter yes it is crappy I know but that’s the breaks in show biz bro. oh what a week it has been ok hitting publish now. It’s very hard to type when people are watching and filming. okay now we are doing a dead-on shot where they film me straight on and get the reflection of my typing words lololol hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. now what do i talk about hmm i am starving.

So as you can tell my energy drinks arrived and I have been standing on a wall ever since cos they are so effective.