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It’s not me it’s you

Muh-om! I like this better in colour why do you have to go all Tracey pizazzle on it for? Email me the orig please thanks.

Beautiful night much. Two moons in one night. Baha couldn’t resist.

Do you think I am going to pull a Susan Sarandon and not pose with these mini babes? Do I look like I am crying inside AHAHA. Whatever, the more famous you become the less your age matters because notoriety provides relief as long as I don’t turn in to a potato just yet. I will admit I look tireder than normal here, it happens.

Or I can just jump in between these two. Likewise, take a page from the Tracey Chronicles and limelight it to middle age myself. It’s not Pride and Prej. times anymo folks. Anyone who even deigns to make age wisecracks is stupes anyway, plus jealous. I have spent 12 years amassing my seniority you don’t just start a tumblr and become a scene-ior. Ha I am going to tweet that. And while I do notice the younger ones who jock me, I ain’ts stupid. You know that I know what’s up. Read the three letter word url you are parked on right now, that is who I am after all.

Lois was bigging me up to this lady from the Netherlands or something, I love when Lois warms up my audience then I take a big Lebowski swig of my drank and step in for the grand finale. She was talking about the Toronto shooting I think or some other lady who looked like her was and I was like no thanks. You don’t exactly set out to tell your life story to strangers all the time but after they watch us mess around and catch each other up on our lives and take photos, drown one another, their curiosity just can’t handle it any longer and they have to ask you what the f-k is going on.

Exactly lol.

Talking is just as distracting as changing the radio station while driving, the drama steers the car’s wheel with those two. I said to Steve yesterday that I bet when compact disc players were the thing there were totally Dateline NBC and 20/20 scare-terror for ratings reports on music causing collisions and such. Basically just be afraid of everything, make everything illegal and call it a day. Anyway, Lois and Tracey are just too unreal when they drive to and fro TDot. I say no more, otherwise ah lose ma f-ing mind about it!!!

I dare you to drown on my watch. You’d do it too just to get mouth-to-mouth with me I bet. I do possess lifeguard saving CPR skills and all that jazz. Maybes a little rusty though, okay I poke you where? *slams on your chest* bahha.

I wonder when Tray will load up youtube with her vids. She is in to that as well. Incriminating material or not, she is in to it. Always watch everything you do or say around her, she is worse than I am.

This picture would rule if it wasn’t so distorted from FB muth-er.

Lois told me to F the B here cos of the Aruba one. I love how Lois gets out all her little demons passive aggressively like that it’s so cute and I don’t mind at all being the conduit either. Love my LoLo. I like pissing off my mom too and she likes it, it’s disturbing! Lol.

I love this shot mom. Hailey and her buddy spent the week together doing all kinds of things I think that’s great! They go to different schools and are both going in to high school this year. Rocky seen here, kept it real.

I really liked Hailey’s friend’s hair. I have never had wildly dyed hair now that I think of it. I “missed out” oh well. I think I am wild enough though and I’d feel too crazy with kool-aid hair.

Steve’s new murse is the best he loves it so much I am so happy for him and you know what, black was the best colour after all. Tarek is a wizard. Steve is a wizard. They are both wizards. It’s good to keep ties with wizards. If you dudes want to flex your metro-sexuality a little bit too please peruse the NB Man section of Nella Bella I can’t believe I am dating a stylish modelesque dude come to life, I took some photos of him in the parking garage yesterday carrying it and was like wow, simply, wow. The way he held the bag like it wasn’t at all non-masculine. He even carried the blue/green Riviera clutch yesterday for me on our lover’s walk. Aw. I was like stop people are staring, he rocked it even harder. He had a RUN DMC kinda vibe going down so it worked.

I think Hailey is more graceful than I am, mom says she is very ladylike and fem, plus took ballet.

I’ve seen one of her performances before I was impressed and she was so young.

Thanks for the bathing suit Paddy! Everybody loves it. Even Pauly Shore!

LOL. More of that post here.

They loved the loft.

And their stay at The Grand.

I loved when they left loft too I was tiiireds.

I miss them already though.

I am already out of there. Wearing my cougar cover-up. The girls are already planning their next trip that I wasn’t invited for. FINE.

My mom’s personal trainer. He said my hair looked kind of mousy the first time I met him. He is annoying just like my mom hahaha.

Steve is accustom to lady times. Did you enjoy yourself Stevesy? He said he liked when we took the girls out for babysitting parents practice. Aww. I am going to give him a big kiss when he comes back from working out.

Mom do you see what FB does to your pics? I’d like you to start emailing them to me from now on this is just unacceptable picture quality, no true professional would allow for it. Capiche?

She always takes shots of peeps jumping from the pier and I think is the one who convinces them to jump on occasion. Mom I wanna take Steve on Mike’s boat before summer is over if Mike says no and I got my fishing license for nothing I am not going to see him on Christmas. Shawn said there was room for us on the boat that one weekend and he lied, not cool. This is your public dissing UNCLE MIKE.

It was a very The Osbournes kinda night.

So much swagger for a youngun. Quick study for sure.

Keeps it kooky too!

True or False: CrayTray has vodka in her can of Playboy Energy Drink? True or False, Hugh Hefner will fall in love with her?

Need to dust the teevee though it looks normal to me IRL right meow hmmmeh.

That’s the shirt I bought in TBay last year. I am wearing it to the airport in this video.

My time flies. Didn’t make it to Tbag this summer to visit Stephy like I have the last 3 consecutive summers in a row. Well it’s not over it yet we’ll see.

Hailey may be the new princess on the scene but everyone will always love their Raymi. Is that me clawing my nails in to Lois’ shoulder? Blobably. Nice moonwalk Tray. Did you guys have a nice wino cruise yesterday? I think I have another event for you to look forward to. I mean I def do! Smell you about it later kay. Actually it’s Toronto Oktoberfest October 4 and 5 so go get yourselves sexy Lederhosen, Lois has one already she wore at The Hoxton. I have $5 off discount coupon codes for tickets for everyone too can you say RAGER!!! Coupon Code: RAY5OFF . Spread it. First offish Toronto Oktoberfest EVER. You know I already have my Lederhosen too!

It’s at the St. Lawrence Market North Building. Can’t wait! I crave things to do in the city when it gets colder to distract me from SAD.

Your personal hostess seen here. I want at least a hundred of my friends there with me. On that site you can win a table for 6 VIP hot shots too WHAT!!! Nice!

They were super pumped they ran in to Sheena and asked me about her and I was like uh, I let her think my earrings were Betsy Johnson once? Lolz. (my pink/black polka dot dangly heart ones fyi).

Rocky was my breast friend at one point in time. My dad is still a fan of shaving him down in to a WHAT ANIMAL SPECIES AM I STARING AT EXACTLY? kind of look. Pretty adorablah.

Generation NEXT! :)

Times, they are a-changin’ or a-stayin’ the samesies? Speaking of time it’s time for Dazed & Confused, veggie dogs, Sardegna wine couch and BF. Hope your Mondays were killer.

9 thoughts on “It’s not me it’s you

  1. Funny Post!

    I had lots to say but it took so long now I forget everything.

    Yes, Hailey is very graceful , fun and funny. A joy.

    I will download videos soon


  2. I just told Darrin he has to take off his shirt and run downtown oakville, hes too chicken even with a bod like he has

    What I really wanted to say though is

    Lauren have this knack
    this idiot savant type of knack
    of having total recall for details

    where does that come from?

  3. A beautiful post from my talented goddaughter, Raymi! Always my princess!!
    ps. that lady in the hot tub was from Vienna, Austria, who told me every time she visits Toronto some disaster happens. The time before was the Eaton Center shootings and that evening,we witnessed from the rooftop, a long red lit stream of some other misfortune. She was a little skittish though,…as soon as you girls did some sliding around the rim of the hot tub, she made a speedy exit. :) pps. wish I didn’t have to be on tiptoes in photos with you…

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