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Ding dong! Ding dongs (doorbell ring duh), it’s Monday a little after one o’clock which means you might be hating life entertainment-wise at the mo post-lunch wtf in the feelings dept. so anyway thought you’d like to chill with my latest PLAYBOY ENERGY DRANK V-SPOT: Viral News Round-up of the thangs that stood out for me the last week on les webs.

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It’s that time again. Here’s one of my 8 v-picks.

V-Spot 7: 11 Year old Yemeni girl runs away to escape marriage

This super eloquent brave little girl ran away from home to live with her uncle (hope there’s no backlash there!) to avoid being married off to a much older man (sickening) the kid hasn’t even gone through puberty yet, it’s incredible. We’re so happy to see this video as heavy as it is the message should be spread, not to get all cultural judgey or anything but marrying children and depriving them of education or a chance to make up their own minds is a horrible thing to do especially when some of them choose drowning over it. Good luck Nada Al-Ahdal and congrats on your new life journey.

Go see the rest now ya hear! V SPOT JULY 31 love Raymi Bunny.

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Neverland Netherlands

People wee on this thing bf says so I’ve never sat on it but trust me I so want to, think of the photo opps.

Hair is fabulously red now I must remember to dye it more frequently. One last little shopping excursion, got cougar short shorts and some other shirts. Had a 3 hour shop-a-thon with Mummsy today, man that chick can find the goods :). Now I just have to decide who gets what.

Something for sis.

We went for a bike ride and saw a wild pheasant which I think was actually a female peacock or that’s the same thing, we followed it along this little stream then went through a corn field. Gaddamn I’ma miss this place. We went on a teeter totter too. The kid’s parks here are ridonkulously designed.

This shirt would get way too much attention, passed on it. There was another goofy one that said F-CK SWAG. except not bleeped out. You’ll see the rest of my scores as I wear them.

I lit a smoke with a cat lighter too, just too much haha. It was sister’s and had one of those bbq lighter style extensions you steal from the garage wtf.

BOOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG loved him. Flicked carpaccio (finger nail sized so like nothing) at him but he didn’t notice wahh sad face. The lesbo (or sisters)(or sisters who are also lesbians? trust me I know lesbians) owners were like, these people are making us look bad for loving our dog so much. BTW BF says booboodoodoo now too anytime an animal is on the scene except he can’t say it right but still the tone is correct.

Okay I gotta go now I’m tired couch time blah blah miss this place already.

Ps my latest v-spot is up. Here’s one of the videos I chose.

TRIGGER WARNING (You’re supposed to say that on the internet when the following information is a doozy and may literally hit home) In this domestic violence PSA, Keira Knightley yells cut which is hard to discern if it’s real or not on account of her shitty acting but the point is IRL you can’t say CUT to get your psycho boyfriend to stop hitting you. We had a tense sinking stomach feeling when watching this clip cos we’ve had some shite bf’s in our day not to mention every man on the face of the planet is a moody sonofabitch (you are don’t lie) far too many women have to walk on eggshells around. If you’re in an abusive relationship, or know someone who may be, there is help: Call: 800-799-SAFE or visit National Domestic Violence Hotline Or call me I’ll sort it out for you!


Ginger and Rosa – Opens in select Canadian Cities March 29th

I get to see this on Monday. I love movies so much right now that’s why I am saying “I get to” and beforethat shopping at Aritzia seeeeeeen. Thanks Jen!

And now I’m writing about this, finishing it I mean. TGIF! So sunny out. Lovely. And it’s International Woman’s day so don’t sass me! Hear how rude that chick was to me. It’s a trade show and people are constantly walking in a stream a steady flow and so I was like don’t ruin my film by walking in to it and manipulatively suggested watch this confetti rain that I am nice enough to share with you and she’s like we are watching. Well fuck you lady! I played it off nice. Listen to her snarly unecessary tone. You try dragging a knockout 11 playboy model around with you all over a trade show and see how you deal with being the invisible one how dare you say we are watching to me like that!!! AHHAhah kay bye.