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It’s that time again. Here’s one of my 8 v-picks.

V-Spot 7: 11 Year old Yemeni girl runs away to escape marriage

This super eloquent brave little girl ran away from home to live with her uncle (hope there’s no backlash there!) to avoid being married off to a much older man (sickening) the kid hasn’t even gone through puberty yet, it’s incredible. We’re so happy to see this video as heavy as it is the message should be spread, not to get all cultural judgey or anything but marrying children and depriving them of education or a chance to make up their own minds is a horrible thing to do especially when some of them choose drowning over it. Good luck Nada Al-Ahdal and congrats on your new life journey.

Go see the rest now ya hear! V SPOT JULY 31 love Raymi Bunny.

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