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I drink honey straight from the beehive

This was a fun way to spend a Tuesday! Raymi and the girls went out to celebrate my mom’s birthday in a spacious castlesque nightclub. Watch us now!

I wore my crazy pants for Tracey. She liked photographing them, I knew she would.

Janeane Garofalo was treated to a personal tour of the entire joint. I don’t even try and I make fans everywhere I go and the more I ignore the more they want. Madonna complex much? Just telling you the facts here people.

He’s reeeeally going for it eh. Think I should prob get another pair of black milk tights eh? Do you forget that I am Canadian sometimes folks?

This was the night I wasn’t going to drink. One or two and a shot don’t count, really. I was good two days after. I’m going to be good all weekend long. I am in to challenging myself or the idea of it at least. It’s going to be a long winter I need all the brain exercises there are.

Being confronted by the gorgeousest chandelier and then sitting beneath it practically in awe. Enchanting princess needs well met, I say.

Poor Lois. It will be redeemed! Swearsies. Hope they come with me to Puerto Rico! Or you too. THINK ABOUT IT. Surf, yoga, parties. You’ll get some wine out of it too, Raymi Travel pack. Other goodies and hook-ups also + you’ll be with me. Maybe fallin’ in love and shit! We’ll talk more about it tomorrow kay but lest you sign up in the night be sure to use this code: BORICUA13 to ensure wino-collection. ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM. You are the breast.


Boozin’ through your illness like a champ damn we are cut from the same cloth.

This place gets rammed with people on the hard partying nights. It’s a playground, I love the live garden jungle plant wall it’s because I am a wild animal and am drawn to that kind of thing, also sunlight despite really diggin’ nocturnal hours too.

There’s a ballin’ patio out to the left I also saw, very expansive a lot of money went in to the reno hay hay hay hay.

I got my you know what this day. Only sharing because I am proud of how tiny I look. It’s all in your head. See the jungle?

This tour includes a personally signed copy of a book published by the manager. Funny guy, very nice to us, VIPLEASE all the way. He said not to blog about how bad the book is. Because I am a writer I accumulate a lot of reading materials. I do read a lot, if you think about it, the amount of information I ingest daily is “ridonkulous” throughout my www journey, I’m sure yours too but compared to the average I think I’m internetting more. The quality of what I’m looking at however I daren’t say.

I want a #junglewall.

Private dining room. I’m taking these photos for once. My birthday present to my mother. Did you like that Tracey?

UPDATE: Half of this post is missing. I don’t know why.

9 thoughts on “I drink honey straight from the beehive

  1. Dear Ms. Raymi,
    As usual you look very pretty. I’m certain you were the Belle of the Ball. Nice club. I’m surprised there were no food shots though. You should be paid by the places you visit. I hope the owners are aware of the exposure you give them. Cheers Baby!

  2. I spent my Tuesday slightly differently, but I think we both enjoyed our nights. :)

    A jungle wall does seem like a must now, a must indeed.

    You know why you look tiny there? Because you are.

    Surburban is a good look for you!

  3. You’ve come a long way in a year Minx, looking better than ever – and the blog is the best …… good to see you are still out there living it. :)

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