Run the show

Yo guys “what is up”? Is that a dimple? I think so!

Sick of Movember pervert faces yet? lol. Sheldon sat beside me at the game yesterday. I almost punched someone’s lights out for his dad. All us social media folk were grouped together thanks to Shannon. Love that girl.

I kind of looked like a lesbian idiot but whatever.

Rebeccablugh was my date. Yaymi my teeth look white. I whiten them like cray but still don’t feel like they are white enougn. My dad said there is only so much enamel we have on our teeth. I’m supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow but I’m not going cos I won’t be out of town by then so, sorry mom have fun.

That looks funny to me. Like ants, or exercising grasshoppers. The world through my eyes can be awesome.

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