I’d love to say that I am being productive while out here, but I’m not. I planned to write. Instead, I study. Compile.

Tonight is my last night. Then the bender continues in T-Dot. Here here.

Everyone I’ve been spending time with has been on a food bender. It’s been lovely, indulgent, fattening. Delicious wine. Or, délicieux rather. Everyone is singlish and eating, happy. Small-knit group of fashionable hip modern people, everyone is good crazy, loud and expressive and very very nice.

Spending time almost exclusively in pretty, charming, and grand old Montreal has much added to the escapist fairytale dream too, and with the addition of Christmas ornaments, lush garlands of white lights everywhere you look beautiful glowing gold in the face it makes you feel lonely in the most loveliest way.

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