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you and me and streetsville

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oh hi there you’re still hanging around? nice to see you.

well, some memory lane was had yesterday. stories from days of yore were shared. was refreshed of many a tale starring your fearless hero performing many idiotic tasks. i blocked out tons of these happenings. mostly they’re all me skipping curfew and then the ensuing shit storm of that which i pulled the plug on wanting to listen to any more stories thereof. buzzkill city.

recounted the first time i tried blow and had a panic attack not knowing what it was. on a school night too! ha.

it was bizarre and surreal and nice to see my old hood and old faces knowing a slew of them don’t recognize me at all so i could stare away freely. anonymously. having all this background info on a guy walking by and him none the wiser. old hardware store customers. town crazies. wanderers. delinquents. so much time has passed and yet it was like it stood still. i was happy to see random familiar faces mucking about around town like oh so-and-so is still alive. good.

it’s always interesting to find out who’s banged who, naturally, and good to know it all happened after i left town.

i’m feeling the suburbia lately and feeling it feeling me. big fish, small pond. oh yes.

i’m scanning my computer right now because its got some viruses. yes from my blog. fucking shit. ugh. sorry if you get it be careful. the nerds told me it’s not infected anymore so feel free to come back and browse my bewbs scare-free.

i’m going away this weekend. don’t forget the brew/booze store closes at 5 on sunday so you better make it in time cos that shit’s closed on monday.


11 thoughts on “you and me and streetsville

  1. same thing happened with my computer/blog last month, maybe it’s a WP issue, who can say? thank goodness for nerds!

  2. the streetsville tigers, I always hated those guys. they would try and cut you on the field. it’s like, “hey man, this isn’t a knife fight!!!!”

  3. On home

    Take it one way
    Take it another
    Anywhere but here
    Like your father
    Like your mother
    But with no fucking fear

  4. i love that you always always always remind us to go to the liquor store in advance. civic duty! hope you had a great one. xo

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