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the prick is in town

here’s something i said that was funny and quotable yesterday that meredith reminded me about over text just now, we were climbing the 4 flights of stairs up to pauper’s patio and grossly sore from it and i wondered aloud if these stairs knew that we rode bikes. holy thigh killing stairs.

ok maybe it’s only funny if you hear me say it. or if you ride a bike across a city multiple times a week, and then climb stairs. the same muscle exhaustion you feel from both activities. i think i’m going to have massive tank thighs by the time summer’s over if i’m not careful. ew gymnast thighs. gymnasty.

check out this space.

they had a table back there with cloth draped over it for everyone to write on and i drew a lightning bolt with SWEAT GUSH/GUSH SWEAT written beside it and beside that a question posed, which band name is better? everyone was gushing sweat at the time so it was apt. i drew some stupid shit too of course.

it was an insanely odd and fun experience. they had name tags and security wearing vests like what do you think is going to go down here exactly? nerd-worries i think. i know a lot of friends woulda had a blast here. glad i went. bumped into adil and many others.

time to clean up my act son.

knock knock. who’s there? SATURDAY!

7 thoughts on “the prick is in town

  1. did the party have some sort of focus. was it like, an event of some kind? I can’t figure it out

  2. saw you in the market yesterday and was star struck. you looked hot in your shorts.

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