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sorry if you’re getting an anti-virus thinger on here i likely approved some spam comment i shouldn’t have, i’ve got the nerds on it now.

in other news it is gorgeous out. grabbed a poor john’s coffee, some organic free trade beans from good catch, walked down to roncessvailles hair-pin turn down to king to no frills and blew 18 bucks on fruit and yogurt came back here and blended the family and walter the landlord some smoothies. recipe:

-pint of strawberries

-two bananas

-one kiwi (they weren’t exactly ripe yet, woulda thrown in a couple more)

-half cup vanilla yogurt

-handful of blackberries

-soy milk

-oj/cran juice a few dollops of

-6 ice cubes

sooooooooooooo goooooooood. walter says you can pay big bucks for that “downtown”. haha awesome.

today i’m goin’ west for a trip back in time to nostalgiaville. excited. patio partio sunshine, small townies, old friends. i’ll be filing that under a fuck and throwin’ a yeah in for good measure.

oh and i finally got my period. that’s like every 50 days now? word.

they call me mellow yellow.


i made everyone wave at me a few weeks ago “for our facebook” heheh. i love awkward waving, it’s my specialty. in a few background/music videos i’ve been in, my awkward wave is captured. go sit on the central’s patio today it gets the best sun and then you can move up to the rooftop patio for more, lasts there longer.

time to wash my hair, haven’t since sunday. i’ve been flinstones pebbling it. such a time saver.

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  1. Your tan looks fabulous. I am gonna get tanned only by December now. Harsh weather has arrived in the south of Brazil. Honestly, I kinda like this sort of cold weather better. I love when it is foggy and 7 degrees centigrade. It is inspirational to my writings and to my life. I love/hate the sun. It is paradoxical and I know it. I just wish I had been born in Dublin. Not London, though. But DUBLIN. Love you, Raymi. Take Care

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