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from wallpaper to heartbreaker

The last supper. Yes from a million years ago. That is how behind and busy I’ve been, I flew back from Holland on Jan 16 and it’s oh look, February 16 – it only takes about a month for me to “do things”. Shall we then…

Lovely place, she.

Punk rock linen service.

I miss this place. Everything about it.

And that guy.

I love this restaurant, we’ve dined here before on the patio over summer. The food is quite good. We were the only people eating here and likely the first customers for service that day.

It is always a good sign when amuse bouche is brought out. These were wasabi something or other, sorry don’t remember it is too long ago.

I look psyched.

There is a hotel above this place too, it’s very boutique yet un-pretentious. Well maybe a little.

I had rabbit uh, something. Doesn’t matter not like you can go eat it anyway lol. I like how they went goth with it.

Some kind of steak, sure yeah.

He bought me this necklace in Germany from a weird renaissance faire we went to in the springtime and I left it behind for some odd reason.

SIGHING my brains out right now haha. They even got the olives right.

A glass full of feelings.

It rained a little bit too like the hugest cliche buzzkill ever.

I bought new boots today cos I got tired of looking like a skin. Although I do admire the look and overall aesthetic there too. I think something black is due, and why not make a little wardrobe upgrade?


Weird vacant vestibule area betwixt the hotel and resto bathroom and coat area. Good place for a mirror.

I uploaded these in a frenzy and have barely looked over anything. I’ve scattered shit around.

It will be one year in March. Time feels differently gauged in a long term thing’er though.

They brought out extra steak, we thought it was funny.

I am trying to remember what the hell this is, it’s not tartar. Hopefully there’s a pic of the menu coming up. Bf might remember. That brown ball is a date I’ll tell you that though.

Oh my god I forgot how much I love fries. And the dips. Dutch are big on dips.

He was making fun of how sad I saw, I think I cried a billion times.

The thoroughness of these pictures are hilarious to me right now.

Here’s a receipt from a buncha crap we bought. Tell me what we bought.

Guess we had a salad too.

Which was quickly massacred from that.

And he had mushrooms.


I must have enjoyed my hair day.

This was tartar, I loved it.

Okay we get it.

V lovely.

Okay, pumpkin time. Til next round in Amsterdam. PEEEEACE.

3 thoughts on “from wallpaper to heartbreaker

  1. 3 dutch style candy canes (most probably pepto bismol pink, or maybe brown for the cinnamon variety) and 5 keychains, some pasta, 6 small boxes of something and mini wooden shoes.

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