It never ends well for addicts. It’s bigger than Miley, it’s big news that resonates and a major bum out. People care when celebrities (magnificent actors) die, because we have intimate and cerebral personal (fantasy) relationships with them more than others we know in real life. But more so because celebrities are 8 billion times more magical than people we know and like so why would anyone give all that awesome up and die for? That is the grief we feel when peanut galleries smugly chant, “who cares” blah bla etc. Guess what I care. I bet he was depressed huge time, had demons, tried to drown and silence them. Someone that talented just knowing it, and living life so recklessly is definitely crazed, out of control – right? People are affected by this. People go mad in the winter. They go too far.

Anyway, to say something positive about his life and talent would be inconsequential in comparison to his brilliant mystique IRL. I enjoyed catching up on my Philip Seymour Hoffman films this summer and was actually in the middle of a bit of summertime sadness when I watched his 2010 indie weirdo cult bummer classic entitled JACK GOES BOATING. Then I watched the wonderful, beautiful a late quartet – a drama, showcasing the depth and range of his emotions. He punches someone out in that film. The Master was great of course and movies are great because at least we have that.

Just look at that face, that sad face. How delightful is that in an actor. It so is. He’s real. A real inspiration also.

Death is scary, the older we get the more death surrounds us. It is sobering. Maybe it’s good to all clean up our acts?

Anyway, Philip Seymour Hoffman – you were really fucking cool and surely will be missed, nor forgotten. It’s touching to know how saddened people are by this in a really emo way. A close family friend’s father passed away on the weekend as well, someone I have fond childhood memories of and my Papa recently died too, and I miss my bf like crazy, and it’s winter, blah. Life is heavy sometimes man. RIP. You just gotta pay tribute where it’s due here’s to you.

I know you’re not in this part of the flick but your presence added to the overall vibe of this movie that I loved very much.

Not to mention, that hat, hair, scarf and figuring out Matt Damon’s trickery!