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now forever is here

Here I am crooning my favourite jam. I don’t care if it gets weak a little in there, the sound and mic level plus my never-ending sickly voice…excuses over it wasn’t that bad! It’s always better when you sing along to the original. My favourite is all the people yelling and talking though especially hahaha. I did end up singing this for a drunk couple on the train and the entire train clapped for me last night so, that was nice. I didn’t want to sing it but I did because this chick fell down the escalator stairs and I felt it would soothe her, it did, and everyone else around us. I sang it softly though. Train whisper singing is so much more beautiful sometimes. I was sitting alone, quietly happy because it was quiet and then they sit in my little world all drunk and stupid. So instead of being a bitch and leaving, I gave her all of my mr. sub napkins to sop up her blood and they started gabbin’ my face off and we became friends.

Pretty fun weekend too. I will continue enjoying it now if ya don’t mind. :) I got an interesting burn yesterday while tanning and listening to a car alarm that would not quit. Oh city you so pretty and you so shitty. xo rlw.

6 thoughts on “now forever is here

  1. Awww:) you have a wonderful singing voice Raymi. And a big heart for helping out on the subway. Definitely sing for the moment more often.

  2. been a long while since I’ve been over to these parts. You have a pretty good voice….

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