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I take your silence as a yes

The key to doing everything you want in life is to just act self entitled like what you’re doing at any given point in time is exactly what you should be doing. Case in point, I told this Carnie that we were “game testers”… long story short she believed me and let us throw darts for free even gave us shitty prizes for popping some balloons. Hashtag yolo. Running when you live near town always turns into ridiculosity. I’m gonna have to start running toward the mansions side to get some actual exercise in before coasting into town like a california raisin and if I’m meeting up with mom you can completely forget it.

More on instagram as is always.

2 thoughts on “I take your silence as a yes

  1. the loopy, spacey way you say “thank you” cracks me the hell up. can u do like a 30 second video of just saying “thank you” like an actor getting different directions from a casting agent except they all want you to be a BRUNETTE ana ferris (sp?)

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