I’m a party girl in a party world

Hey there it’s me I’m back to say what’s up and chat a little bit before I burn out on blogging again for the next couple weeks (months) haha. There have been a few changes since we last hung out. Where to begin? In the middle probably works although if you follow me on all my socials you’ll know what gwan already – here we just elaborate more.

Let’s start with work first. We have moved offices and so far so good so awesome. It’s not too far from where I live I can just bike all the way up Sherbourne and be a sweaty mess by the time I get to Bloor BUT I get chiseled in the torso from pedaling, using my whole body and then on the way home it’s a chill-ass free fall going down south pretty easy. You heard about the bike deaths happening lately in Toronto don’t worry I am a good cyclist, I know the roads, and I don’t listen to music I am fully-alert. I think cars SHOULD slow down and chill the fuck out, there have been days when streetcars or a vehicle whomever is behind the wheel will want to race me and let me know they got around me only for me to beat them again and again just goes with the flow of traffic/congestion and bikes being able to get around like fuck off guy let me live my life and get out of your way we can all get along, right?

Something nice I did today happened as a little boy came walking down the stairs to the subway and passed me as I just got off, he was going really slow and I said to him, you can still make it – I knew the train was still there. He knew what I meant and then beat it all the way down the stairs where he no doubt got onto that subway train. I bet he was like, that lady was so nice wow and then he did something nice for someone else too hopefully. Sometimes, often times, I will say hi to strangers, randoms, cashiers, wish them a nice day or simply smile at them when I know they’re not happy and probably no one has acknowledged them as human beings like all day so I take it upon myself to be the light. Many times I can be depressed and stuck in a particular head space and it would be nice to have like everyone shine positive attention on me for a few minutes but then there are times I am like fuck off please so it’s up to you to know the difference and good luck with that.

Date night last week and I am unapologetically happy as heck because I have been boyfriend-hunting for the right one for too long now. We are fortunate that we were set up on a date by his father and we instantly connected. I am gaga right now. I love that Ariana Grande is also in a whirlwind romance right now too I can relate just block the haters out.

This is the outfit I chose to make an impression including sexy heels from my mom. My mom gave me the skirt it’s a bit big maybe I can shrink it. I showed up a bit late and it had started pouring rain, the restaurant was packed and I had to walk through the entire thing to get to their special table everyone’s head turned like a Julia Roberts who is that moment. I still have my coat check tab because we were the last ones in the restaurant and I just walked behind the curtain to get my raincoat for myself. After the date we got on the phone immediately I think he texted first and we were just totally grinning high on life I was invited to the cottage the next day as you know I went up and the rest is history.

I jumped off a 30 foot rock into the lake landing the way you do not want to land and learned a valuable lesson to point my toes when people tell you to do so, it’s more than a suggestion – it felt like hitting cement and yes it was embarrassing. My bruise is just about healed two weeks later. A girl was too scared to jump so I went up there to support although I knew I’d chicken out too and I won’t be doing that again until I practice off of less-high rock faces.

This is from Tuesday and these are some pretty important people to me, the work fam. Send off drinks for Evan whom will be missed but change isn’t the end of the world.

I tried for a Madonna look and realized it was not really work appropriate although my personality and confidence can help be part of the outfit therefore it doesn’t matter what I wear. I am stubborn and go by the beat of my own drum so it takes awhile to penetrate. My laundry in my building has been out of order for weeks and I am starting to lose my fucking mind they tell me today it will be good which means my life will be laundry for the next few days.

There he is.

When we can’t see each other we text when we can and now facebook video message. It’s nice to have a balance and someone who wants to do shit with you and you don’t have to chase. We are a good fit.

The benefits of being happy are so many. You look better and well, you’re happy. Relaxed. The hunt is over. Tired of dating people and you know within a second they’re not the one and you’re not the one and then you’re like is it ever gonna happen for me? Let’s be real, I am 35. I have definitely thought for awhile like ok am never gonna have a kid now great I will be a bitter woman for the rest of my life and look at kids and babies longingly and then go home and scream into a fucking pillow.

Another benefit is inspiration. When I am content I can blog. It centers me. I need a muse and that’s that. Empty posts of dating and dining is shallow and makes me sad and you start to take everything for granted you don’t enjoy the spoils because you’re using them to fill a void a lack of love in your life. Also, my blog post title is clearly a play on Barbie girl, which, I may be as well. It was a joke reference I made earlier this week to a work friend and then I said I will make my next blog post title that. If I have a title it’s all I need to start one up. When I sit down to write I have a general idea of what I will say here but my mind is a crazy circus most often times it’s a mystery to me too what’s gonna come out next.

I took a few days off drinking a couple weeks ago because I did not like who I was becoming and that tiny little change really helped me and then something good happened. I guess it’s true, everything you want is on the other side of fear. I still want sober days and to be better, get healthier so I will.


Hummingbirds I mean, come on. Swoon.

We kayaked and it was very magical. I’ll be getting a siamese cat tattoo on my back right shoulder next window I get.

If you know what the Hell this is please let me know. He visits a lot. All the bugs that fly at me cos of my hair or whatever startle me and I shriek and then people are like good grief. Okay sorry I can be dramatic but wouldn’t you be if a June bug flew at your mouth and head and then another giant moth and then THIS MOTH too? Okay I will upload the video as evidence and you can decide if it’s worthy of screaming.

I think you know what my vote is.

This coat tho.

This dog tho.

Of course I chose the Dubble Bubble as it’s one of my many nicknames (no it isn’t).

Working across from the Bay will slay (my wallet).

I have a hat thing. If you want to donate toward it I will gladly accept.

On sale for 11 bucks. Get your Canada Day swag in time my fellow Canucks and don’t forget to buy Canadian.

We went hiking + cave exploring in Collingwood and it was beautiful. I’m hyper-active I need to be taken on walks, hikes, drives, dinners, etc etc so this suited me just fine.

Love the digs here we have two floors to play around on.

This is my bestie Marie she did my nails and leant me these pants to bike home in. She is a very supportive gf, positive, and helpful. I am very grateful to have her in my life she is as smart and compassionate as she is beautiful.

I wore bike booty shorts this day and it was freezing cold out I am an idiot sometimes just don’t tell anyone. I look forward to my next chrome nail manicure Marie!

We have matching Unicorn lipsmackers obviously.

What time was this taken at? I know, but do you?

The bruise was just forming here ok ttyl gotta go have an excellent day and weekend to be continued…

when everything mattered nothing was the same

Hi guys, I feel like we haven’t been communicating effectively enough lately, how’ve you been? I feel stretched so thin myself I don’t even have time to be writing this, it’s this or showering so, you’re welcome.

No I don’t smoke, I just borrowed this prop from a friend. I can’t remember what the winning caption for this picture is, I’ll get back to you on that.

I officially like sound of music festival more than ribfest because it has rides AND music.

I’m going on a ton of rides today because last night we missed out. I may or may not have lost it on a little Napoleon complex guy at the beer pen entrance likewise some other guy with a headset who wouldn’t let us on a ride because it was “too late” and yes I pulled the “I am Media” thing and then he says well, tell them to let us to stay open later. You hear that, them? Extend the hours of Sound of Music festival thanks!

Me yesterday. Yes my eyes are this pretty. Yes my hair is this colour. Yes there’s a ton of filters added to make me less tired looking but who doesn’t do that and like I care anyway I will probably start wearing a bag over my head in a few year’s time, get botox, eyebag surgery so I can move forward from being two sink holes in a face.

Taken from last night. Damara is on her way in now. Today’s forecast calls for bananas.

We wanted to go on that thing, none of us had cash on us for tickets. So two barriers stood between myself and my ride. I was like NONE OF YOU F—ING IDIOTS HAS CASH!?! I Will march you to an ATM the second I get off that rainbow. Then toupee headset head with a mustach was like, no way! God I love this town, not even being sarcastic.

It was quite an assault on the senses, possibly why I love this kind of activity. Salt of the earth people everywhere and cool young kids who don’t even notice you exist, garbage food stalls for miles set to disco lights. Sloan plays at 330 today, we’re all going. Don’t forget to send your texts before you get to the beer pen because you’ll lose signal exactly there.

My nana will be on my uncle’s boat I hope we can see her from land. Bet we will.

Looks like this from the pier. Last night started out with my running by myself through all this in hot pink shorts and it was pretty fun,I went early enough that there were pockets in the crowd to dodge and run through. I doubt this would be possible today. I ran home got changed and went back with mom. I’m a townie!

Got on this ride Thursday night. Perfectly named because it is extremely scary.

And then it was a hip hop rave. I can hear someone playing now, a chick. Sounds folky, whimsical, lovely and nice. This is definitely the weekend to suffer from severe ADHD.

I used purple light ears as a landmark to meet up with some chick. Then bumped into RADMAD!

Holy moly. Good times. We played frisbee, got some drank tix hooked up (oh yeah must line-up in THAT line again today lol) um, messed around with some cops. Super fun. Saw a runner chased down by a sound of music fest staff, she ran along the entire length of the beer pen fence up the hill, it was fantastic and what could one possibly even do at a place like this to be chased down by a nerd like that? It was woman chasing woman, intense!

Festival season is upon us! :)

I gotta get ready though now but this was nice. Lets do this again soon. xo

Can’t be forgetting all the new friends we make along the way. You better watch this one to the very end.

Canada WHAT!