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Hurricane Raymi hits Aruba hearts hard

Bonjour mes amis!

There is always more. You know me.

Chocolate gravy. That is all I will say. Plus these other things too. First dinner at the hotel resto, Pago Pago, we were pooped.

I’m calling Rogers here. Oh lord lets pretend that I won’t get a phonebill next month ACKKKKKKKK.

Hot hot hot. It was really hot. I will never forget it, espesh when I look at these pics. :) That’s a triple screwdriver in that thermos, we love to drunk vacation shop. It makes for better purchasing decisions.


Where the houses end so does the island. We were truly on a very teeny tiny island it felt neat of mind, isolating, forgotten.

Lots of beach exercise walks. Loved it.

Cuts a nice fig(ure).

Everyone be cool.

Thinking about getting some ivy tattooed to this arm.

Missin ya kissin ya.

Like little dolls.

What’s up.


The second time I put my toes in the water and then no more times after that. The pool is dullsville after about one day of it and after having a cabana on the beach. Next time a party resort please a la Vegas. I want tanked chicks in gladiator ankle snapping wedges and skin tight liquid gold unitards, oh wait, that’ll be me.

I can dance better now. Or fake it as so.

Cold room, warm hearts.

I have mad lifeguard and swimming skills btw.

Fans that dropped in a lot. When I forgot I’d invited them (wasted)(getting out of awkward situation) the night prior lol whoops. Hurricane Raymi hit Aruba hard in the hearts.

Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen ‘em all. Can I please see some more please?



On the way there they stuck me in the middle seat. Mom cropdusted Lois’ face while she slept I thought a baby had crapped themselves it stank ahahahahha PAYBACK MOM.

Holdin’ court at the Manager’s party that’s how we do.

Oh Georgia.

Lois I even miss your fricking bag!

These drinks inspired our Seadoo tube adventure.

Do everything at least once. Get a million pictures of it so you never have to do it again.

Going for a run after happy hour with my bottoms wedged in my ass listening to tunes was an experience Lemme tell yeah, jumping over sandcastles and kids. Ferris Bueller’d that entire shore. Giv’er. Til next time. Tons more, tons tons tons.

Aruba Raymi signin’ off :).

7 thoughts on “Hurricane Raymi hits Aruba hearts hard

  1. Nip slip pix? Hedonism? Debauchery? You know me, I am the anti-Raymi, made of anti-Raymi matter. Dirt poor, eating cold cans of beans ‘most every day, NOT having fun, my only real expense in life is sticking coins in the little box, lighting a lot of candles and saying penance for you in church…

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