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Mt. Raymsuvius eruptus

How do you do dahlings?

Wino walk home in our bare feet trecking through each resort by the beach was awful fun those shoes were not going back on.

Okay tankhouses ready for more? Too bad you don’t get a say.

Gonna hafta start a #Arubawithdrawal hashtag. Mom and Susanne so far said they have it. No wait Susanne has Raymi withdrawal lol and I am certain mom’s sinusitus isn’t helping her post-vacay SADs much. Oh buck up team! We can coast off the photo memories for weeks.


I asked to take a picture then took one and said too late and ran off then mom took this one and they were still laughing about it. No time no time much to see and do.

Did you make me sick? We will never know and who cares this food poisoning poison is a great lean-out. I loved this ahi dish so much I had it again for our offish fancy vip dinner the wine ladies invited us too like we weren’t gonna go anyway, come on, I’m a foodielite. Chef Mark Boland enjoyed hisself this evening, I got hosed (again) and then had a cry attack phonecall during dessert came back down to my v soda waiting for me and then, what did we do, go gambling? To the room and passed out? Blur. Complete.

Venus and I recounted our 9/11 experiences. Solid chick!

Good one mom.

Here comes trouble.

Lookin’ pretty, girls!

What a fabulous trip am I right!? Totally. Okay now your emo has hit me about it.

Raymbo vortex.


Lolo and Tray Tray <3.

Good to know.

One dude told me all the other dudes were fighting over me, squbbling, calling dibs. Oh boys. Classic. None of you get me! We were just bros anyway you can’t claim the minx. Well maybe some can, but not you.

Fairy Godmothers <3.

Adore this shot.

Thanks for the genetics Tray and not for the cray. You can have that back.

Come for the Tray stay for the Cray lol. She HATES that nickname.

Speaking of cray there’s a plenty cray convo beneath this pic on FB if you’re bored (boring) enough for a snoop.

Didn’t buy it. White washes you out on tv anyway they say. I dunno I’m arrogant enough to believe that everything looks good on me.

Feelin’ statuesque that’s right. Don’t talk about my hair.


Dorian is a cool dude, very gregarious and funny. They get the tourists on board and give them a good time so it’s basically (totally) like the hospitality industry. Just be nice and like ultra nice, what a concept. Too bad I am too bitchy for that and real.

Thanks for the vaseline finish there ma.

This is going to take a lifetime.

Baby fungry gotta go. See you at Rebecca’s Art Party Exhibit launch tonight at Cardinal Rule you tools! Aiming for Ten o’clock. It’s great to be back come say hi to Raymi Long legs.

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  1. “Thanks for the genetics Tray and not for the cray.” ah ha ha. Ain’t that the truth (I’m speaking about me and my mom, um, of course). Hey Tracey! How do you get your photos to have the shading around the corners? I love that.

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