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oh well in hell

What’s up peeps, geeks and freaks!

You’ll have to forgive the amount of similar hair selfies you’re gonna see here. How often does your hair look fly AF.

And before it was curled. Okay lets topic change for a breather.

I worked on this painting a little bit. I painted two books, those glasses (turned goggles).

And drew a design on this bottle.

It has been chily lately no? Out come the party leggings.

Found a cute little jumpsuit of mine I bought in Holland, Dutch Sis got a matching one also. Shoulda snapped a pic but didn’t for some reason. This w/e was kind of a gong show vortex.

Delicious cherries. Nourishing.

I took several pictures of this IT WAS BLOWING MY MIND haha. Lazy stoner art has always been my forte.

I Houdini’d out of the party because I was tired as shti went to Crappy Tire to get propane for late night bbq. It was an awesome party I wish I didn’t stay up so late the night prior to. Stupid. I was tired the day before too. I am just too old for all this givin’er. I didn’t take ant pictures either. :(

Cousin Kiki Kitty meow.

We chased this red sunset. It sort of worked out ha ha.

I want to get a coat like this one I borrowed from Kiki. It makes me look fancy like I am into horses and reading the NYT.

Angie has like a wall of jewelry you stare at for the 3 hours your hair processes is rinsed and blown. i got a ring and these earrings. I like dainty girly shit because I am such a trashmouth. Life is all about balance.

Last Wednesday. I changed into jeans before heading to trivia night. Paul said I looked tired. COOL I said. FRIENDS ARE AWESOME. the thing is I wear less makeup and have more tan so I always looks like I am a farmer/apple stand lady. I think it is kinda sexy in a delusional way, like all other things.

From Streetsvegas. I’m a photo hoarder. Used to drive by these daily for ten years on the bus to school. We used to say this pioneer cemetary was haunted. How original!

Ancestors of some of our friends are buried here #historical!

Okay I gotta go sorry ttyl!

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