Field Trip Raymbo Bright

Hey buds. Ready for some FOMO?

Radmad invited me to field trip Saturday morning/afternoonish and I was like yes please.

I am holding a beer in every photo. I nursed 2/3 over the course of the day and couldn’t finish the last bad boy. #lush #guilt lol.

Babes everywhere with babely wares and goods for sale.

Oops. Gross.

Purity Ring!!!

Lost power at the beginning of her set. It was put back on very quickly. It’s neat to see bands I normally have youtube parties alone to baha.

Went with my coral hoodie I haven’t seen or worn in years. When in doubt go the fun route. Black is fine yes but you blend. I like to be bright and lively. I stand out and can annoy more that way. Coral is flattering even though I am kind of making a stupid face here haha.

Bumped into a dude I met years ago at a lacrosse game
. It was even blogged and photos of that whole day. He was like, I thought you were solid then but now I am just so…impressed, amazed at you now? Like I am some sort of survivor or something? He said I looked great for 32, do I have my own shoe line now? I look like Punky Brewster etc etc pure funny and flattering. Radmad was just shaking her head laughing the entire time. Clearly we were pretty tanked by this point.

The highlight.

Sigh. You see me at the very end. You hear me scream like a Raymiac in the beginning. The beach ball comes near us lol enjoy.

Loved this colour. Sorry for blurry.

Oh hey there.

My date. Sarah (radmad) has known me since I was 21 but “of” me since I was 19. Read my blog. Hated me. For superficial reasons. I love her. When you chill with old friends it’s crazy nostalgia jams. You also get to act a little more immature I think.

Oh hi Jesse. How is your healthgoth doing? (inside joke)

Thank you for taking these candid pictures of me that I made you take.

I saw kids sitting on these. Little ones. I did not want to smash through a snail so I kind of hover sat for the sake of these all important pics.

Very fun times.

Some instagram action now.

I guess you could kinda think I run my own clothing-shoe label no? Bahah.

Nothing beats being sped to the go stayshe in a limo rolling around in the back with your backpack on haha. Okay Monday madness that’s a wrap keep it real xo rlw.