Hi assholes ready for more internet you may have/probably seen already with a Raymi Bunny twist? Don’t answer that rhetorical Q cos it’s V SPOT TIME you dummy! I’ll give you a quick taste of one of the videos RIGHT MEOW because IpretendLU.

“He’s a really big deal, I know, I’m told this.” Um stupid MSNBC bitch, what you actually know is shit outside the American brainwashing landscape bubble what is your think locally; act locally ignorant mind. Russell Brand goes on Morning Joe to promote his Messiah Complex tour and these three morning show jerk-offs have no fucking clue who or what he is and is big time cringe-inducing to watch them be so HEE-HAW rude to him until Brand starts calling ‘em on their shit. “Well thank you for your casual objectification.” And how. These morons should do their homework next time, because the on air awkwardness emanating from this shit-interview, “shiterview” is not a good look for MSNBC, Russell then goes on to manically report actual news delving into Snowden territory. Sorry MSNBC, but in the game of Dumb vs smart, you’re the former and the country Russell Brand (the guy you acted so coolly aloof about) hails from the latter. AND FACE.

NOW READ THE REST/ENJOY. Peace, love Raymi Bunny.