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Up all night to get plucky

Heyonara dudes. Happy Tuesday. Captain Raymboat here with my weekender chronicles for ya’s. Hit the water on my uncle’s boat Saturday, day after the immense storm and luckily the heatwave behaved after all that action.

Givin’er. BF and I wanted to jump off the boat and swim but unfortunately there’d be no way to catch back up with the boat again since it’s a charter fishing boat and they be a trollin’ rollin’ steadily away from us. We’ll hit a beach yet no worries “s’all good” in the southern ON hood.

These were the biggest juiciest polish sausages I’ve ever seen, lots of inneundos were made of course, “it’s a tight bbq but they fit” lol.

All the fishing action took place just as the sun was setting it got pretty intense, four fish on the line at once reeling and reeling it in for forever. WE KEPT IT REEL.

The polish guys finally started smiling once we caught this salmon thank goodness. Caught an even bigger fish than this afterward, such a dinosaur.

After all was said and done we ripped it up in my uncle’s Shelby whaaaat sick. More on that later. Driving with a broken hand, interesting.

Next day at Monfort’s mmmmmmonforts. That place doesn’t change. No need.

Kicked it old school with some above selfies. Not bad not bad.

Says Fatale at the bottom. Shopping in Holland realizing halfway through I was in a store for millennials. Whatevs, I see older chicks in f21 all the time. Daps. I don’t really know anyone who dresses “their age”.

We stayed on the water for about 5 hours.

Super fun as always. Lucked out with some calm waters. They couldn’t go out the next day cos the water was choppy, three foot waves, seasickness for sure.

Hello down there.

It very much feels like a holiday being out there we were very grateful and lucky.

Jules you were missed.

Typical boat pose vantage point shots of course.

It’s hard to see what you’re taking with the sun in your face, guess I’m just a natural at it. Only took 13 years hah.


Taking turns driving is fun but it’s not as simple as it looks you have to keep the bearing straight cos you’ve got lines in the water, waves and wind to account for.

The boys fought this branch for a long while, courtesy of the storm we kept it on the boat til we were done fishing sick of catching branches and leaves so often.

This was the biggest beast of all. Too heavy for me to grab by the end and pose with like that plus I didn’t want slime all over me, I tried but then he started flopping around. I have mixed emotions over sport fishing but if you’re going to keep and eat them then why not. Vegetarians look away for today.

Aw. Everyone took turns posing with it hehe. Protocol. More later bye friends! ps. don’t forget ships don’t lie.

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