Raymazing summer

What’s up yo. Picked up our new ride for the week (with an extra day bonus thanks to the upcoming holiday Monday) took her for a spin and went to one of our favourite parks starring this baby bunny.

I didn’t wash my hair yesterday so I wasn’t exactly feeling camera vogueing it up but whatever, real life and what not right.

I keep forgetting how brilliant this camera is.

A father behind us was having difficulty getting his daughter on her little bike with training wheels to make it up along this path you could tell he was embarrassed we were in ear shot, I almost offered to push her. Next time avoid wood chips dude.

I love old world leftovers.

And jungles. When will the hot weather come back though?

Got a little hot in my sweater like wtf did I bring this out for and naturally the boy has a go at it.

Oh so Euro, fine if you make fun of me it’s getting blogged.

Seriously that’s the pose? You’re like OJ pretending the glove doesn’t fit. I said you better not delete these pictures!!! Ha.

There she is, such a dream ride. Swankier than the last one which was pretty classy in and of itself. The Lincoln MKZ has a gigantic panoramic roof and if you speed up a little it closes (just partially) on its own for safety so your back window view behind isn’t obstructed.

The name of this colour is bordeaux. SWOON. My dad is in love with all aspects of this car and is awaiting me to hook him up with one next haha lol. I love the white/bordeaux contrast dad says it’s like a car from Britain with a similar custard and cream look, it’s so posh and not to be full of myself but seriously everyone rubber necks a Lincoln vehicle there’s just something about it, also the colour probably pushes the look at me over the edge. BF is the one who points out the gawking, egomaniac.

It’s usually men driving other nice cars who stare and appreciate the fineness of the Lincoln MKZ it feels like we’re in a special club with them. Owning it. Once I hit publish we’re going to hit the streets and go sight seeing, hit some back roads.

19″ lovely wheels.

Some sky action.

Great navigation set-up, or “nagigation” as we call it/I’m called. (whatever he is so much more of a nag) and love the THX II audiophile sound system plus sirius satellite and wifi, obviously. There’s also the interior disco lights which I super love, this time bf chose red (not for long though I’m so switching it to purple). Oh yeah the seats are AC too, feels interesting.

Swipe volume too so futuristic and the park/drive/sport buttons are all push too, crazy cool!

Adore the brown swirl walnut wood applique too, fancy mcfancy.

I want like one (or several) great backseat pics in there definitely in one of my heartbreaker dresses a la Dita.

The boys just took off in it so I could get some peace, we’ll probably drive up to the escarpment.

White dune perforated leather that’s all I gotta say, it’s nice to max and relax against it for a change usually it’s always black/grey.

It’s like all the fun of a convertible without all the fuss.

That’s a little shelf to my left for papers and misc. stuff, yay!

Went to the poacher for some grub.

It rained for a bit so we went inside to booth it up which is all I really wanted anyway I was so wiped out yesterday from working the Canadian Open on the w/e beginning Thurs.

Did not understand these extra spots in the booth.

One could in no way reach the table. Resisted urge to carve our names.

BF says this is very Dutch. Um no, Dutch is very this, as in British. Thank you come again. I ate his peas, he asked for carrots like the menu stated. It’s nice that we annoy and/or irritate and confuse all servers we encounter. That’s what they’re there for no? It’s also funny watching people trying to pretend they understand his thick accent.

It’s also a trip to take him everywhere I have ever been ever. My grandfolks had their Scottish dancing parties upstairs at the Arms, a club they also founded in Oakville BTW.

Hi it’s me again. That thing on my chest is like a sun blister, not a blemish (trust me I’ve tried to squeeze it haha sorry TMI) so now obviously I’m all is it skin cancer???

Was attempting to catch the sun on my face for a pic, pro tip.

If the man’s happy (and he is) then the woman is happy. Yeah it’s true happy wife happy life but it goes both ways.

Thanks so much for making our weeks again Ford Canada. Now here’s a little video cruising LakeShore, best street ever to scenic route it up avoid highway traffic by.

Discovered this tune while in Holland. Music in Europe is awesome, you have to have a pen or something handy quick though to write it down and they often play three songs in a row you dig then you’re like what’s the name of that song that goes blap bloop bloop blee dee deet duh deet deet again? Totally.

Oh I forgot we did a little shopping too.

A modern classic.

Dad/bf just came back from a spin, dad’s in love. BF says when you close the door it sounds like a “mercedes door” so quiet and streamlined, perfection. They’re non-stop talking about the car now.

On the way to pick it up.

The night before he ate that. Not surprised.

He got me this while I was working, haven’t tried them on yet I don’t want to be disappointed.

I look like an 80’s music video. OKAY PEACE BYE. Have a great Tuesday! xo rlw.