a senses confrontation

What’s good friendzoners!

Bitch resting face signing in.

Mother of all sky porn yesterday.

How nice would your product look photographed with this camera on my blerg, no hassle.

No pants.

Was taking pics and a family walked by, a sassy mouthed family. The mom goes she’s taking pictures of the sky and they’re all a hyuk about it but then they turned around and were like jeez! Yeah that’s right STFU hick mouths with money to burn.

I stop and gather.

As if Premium wouldn’t photos of their outlets. It reminded me of Aruba, the open air mezzanine (what’s the word they use for malls, arcade? There’s an Arubian term though hmmm).

And within the arcade you could see the sky peeking through the ceiling. Incredible.


Not the mall. These are a little out of order.


A different evening. This was a hard one to get. While driving in the opposite direction.

Scene of a Canadian crime wherein the suspect drinks Tim’s and smokes, well, that could be about anybody.

Rocky is being a muse-ing.

Yesterday sure was hot.

New flip flops at Taco Hell. Yes I hate myself, every second.

Great times pals. Have a wonderful weekend. xo rlw