Hi people who pretend to like me.

Lets just get through this as quickly as can be kay, I got pretend important things to do (hella tv to watch and lots of eating, it’s Sunday holiday Monday DEAL FOOL!)

Rocky actually loves this treatment. He was meh murling mewling away and kneading at me omg that cat is so gay I love him when you simplify your life down to doing not much and then a cat is around you come to find that a lot of crap revolves around “finding the cat” asking about him, poking him, holding him like a baby. Wow that sounded so cool. Right now he’s sharing a coconut cookie with bf, uh kaaaaaaay.

This post was suppose to be about rib fest but then I found all this other jazz on the camera yada yada here it is.

Ergh. Travel insurance people are, excuse my french, totally selfish. Yes I loved spending an hour on the phone in the car jumping through hoops only to be treated like a liar about my foot injury and fysio claim like I have to pony up a bunch of super human proof of the accident and why on earth would I need fysio in Holland (um, a little thing called walking) but then I bungled it up a bit by saying the accident happened on another holiday which should be irrelevant and that claim coverage was refunded to my mom already but the ten days in between Holland and Aruba there was no time for foot babying so I waited til Holland. Anyway the fight’s not over yet. They do this to you so that you just give up and don’t bother trying to get your euros back. I’ve been with my bank since I was literally a baby (mom got us bank accounts young) so that’s thirty years of using their coverage and like why? Triple-A and everywhere f-ing else provides better everything for you and when I go into my bank NO ONE knows how to even sell it to you it’s a total joke. BF is disgusted by how Canada does it he said he’d be off the phone way sooner yeah well if you’re not going to do the talking for me then shut up dude. I just sighed the hugest most annoyed sigh ever, I finally received the email detailing all the next moves I have to make but it may as well be written by someone from Saturn. Thanks for letting me unload bros, can’t wait to see what I type next!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle.

Love big crazy wild english gardens. Low maintenance, high bushes. I especially loved the orange and purple contrast, those two go together quite nicely like pairing blue and yellow, it just works. “I know things!” I gots an eye for colour.

Some of my friends.

Clearly a flying-v gang had settled down to scope out these grounds. This is at Paletta Mansion, steeped in history and situated here cos the bro who worked at (or owned?) the steel mills across the water in Hamilton so he bought the place to keep an eye out on those constantly burning fires.

It’s quite a gorgeous little sanctuary of a place. Tons of weddings here. You can walk through the forest, sit on the rocks by the water, stroll by the flowers blabbity blah I sound like a forty year old.

Speaking of age my bro’s gf’s son asked me a million times how old I was yesterday and I said 20 each time ahahha. He guessed my bf was 50. Ha burn. I said do you think I’d go out with such an immature fifty year old? (Probably). Okay enough about me.

I’d love to have a wonderful garden someday. Can only imagine what the backyard in Holland looks like right now. Before we left we did some major maintenance back there and in the front yard, I filled up 6 garbage bags of chopped branches which was pretty therapeutic to psychotically hack them into tinier bits. We also cleaned out the hoarders packed garage for the car which if you were reading back then know all about. It was a tough job.

This was a boiling hot day.


This be the fantastic fully loaded Ford Fusion Titanium it is reminiscent of the Lincoln but pared down a little some. It’s pretty boss, we love it. Dad LOVES IT. He updates my uncle each week about what car we’re driving now lol. This is definitely the summer of cars.

I think she just smiled at you. Go for it dude.

A guy in a Mustang was watching me take these photos. I like how strangers get it in their head that what you’re doing somehow has something to do with them so he swift and aggressively peeled out of there, chill out shady man relax you got skeletons and we don’t care not taking pics of you at all. God, people. AMIRIGHT.

Glad he left it’s hard to work when a weirdo is staring at you inquisitively all judgmental like. After about 4 photos you’d think people would get it like oh, this is some sort of project ABOUT THE CAR. We prob just killed his buzz is all, no big deal. There’s loads more parks to park all along the water so go to there.


See the little orange light, that’s when you’re driving and something comes a little too close to comfort for you in your blind spot or anywhere up alongside you and it beeps too. It’s fun discovering all the little bells, whistles and gadgets each Ford vehicle has to offer. Everything is a helpful and appreciative bonus. There’s also parking assist and adaptive cruise control which breaks before you when there’s something up ahead, BF loves that one. There’s cameras all over the car always watching out for you and your loved ones.

I enjoyed the grey on ruby red. Note to self for future outfit.

How appropes to drive by a Ford dealer. Kay no more car talk lol.

Watching him consume so much sugar concerns and worries me. Like, I know he’s going to get diabetes. Thanks Diarrhea Queen!

The other day I tweeted I eat french fries mayonnaise and crying. It’s true. Somehow I’m getting slimmer too wtf world? Maybe it’s cos you get filled up then eat less despite fries being so so totally bad for you.


Hi. Love the Sat/Nav Sirius disco lights console. The challenger was awesome on the outside but it didn’t have this, had a diff system but no crazy ballin’ display. BF says he’s renting it again this week. Oh Lord.

Queen’s Head never changes, love that place. G-pa drank here with his buddies and colleagues years ago. We had an order of fries while we waited for my bro & company to arrive. A woman was rude to us, snappy, then didn’t have the decency to look us in the eye when we rightly so responded to her big mouth. Some people do not know how to operate socially in public, like, don’t go out for supper if everything irritates you. I know how I used to be really over-irritable when I went out to eat and I am not that person anymore, I used to blog minutiae about how everything annoyed me in a funny way but when I encounter different past versions of me sometimes it is infuriating to witness, I was never “that bad” I mean I tend to gravitate toward other moody people aka ex bf’s with mood disorders that you swallow and swallow and step on eggshells around so then when you go out you’re just as crabby as them. I hate moody people and people who don’t know how to just let go and enjoy themselves, haters, phonies and so on. The husband or date or dad (he was old) of this sea wench looked over her shoulder apologetically at us throughout. BF and I were too in shock to rip in to her and it wasn’t worth it because at the end of the day she has to live with herself and be that person but for future reference if you snap at people you better have the courage to back it up and not just slink down like a miserable sod, how about just don’t say anything at all and focus on yourself. I told my brother what had happened when he arrived and he goes WHERE IS SHE!?!?!? He was so mad haha.

Rib time.

These guys hooked me up. If you hit Ribfest today definitely go to them. They gave me a rack two years ago too. It wasn’t about the free though it was about line-skipping the massive line. I can’t do lines. Ha isn’t that what Lilo would say?

Mmm chicken.

Uncle Sam’s you are delicious. My bro favors Bone Daddy’s.

Ha. This guy called me over to taste his sauce real quick unbeknownst I was already on my way over. However they’re the nicest of all the rib people, I encountered some too cool for schools and rude ones and they will get zero mentions on account of their piss poor attitudes. I am Uncle Sam’s all the way go see them and say Raymi the Minx sent you.

It really is a sight to behold and it’s Canada’s largest ribfest, so, yeah. Bands and beer too. We were sober though, it’s fine it’s fine I was totally fine staring at the King Kong sized inflatable can of Canadian my mouth wasn’t salivating or anything and I wasn’t dying on the inside no not at all. :( ahha.

Sticky Fingers gave me some ribs too and they were super good. Hit them up, they’re the one with the Survivor thing going on.

Very nice people.

We are bbqing today and were so inspired by the sauces we bought budweiser bbq sauce yesterday from Metro and two kinds of burgers (on sale!!!) so it’s safe to say I’ll be meat sweating it out later on today and you’re welcome for the visual.

She could make some nice coin from that or some cancer patients quite happy.

Funnel cake whatsuppp except it’s on a bear ear cos there was a long wait for the funnel and they ran out of whip cream too but we went back yesterday for BF to have a funnel cake cos they don’t exist in Holland and also he’s like sugar addicted. This group of older folks were like you’re gonna pay for that in 30 years and “he’s not even sharing with her!” I was like I do not want to get fat!! BF ate it in 4 minutes.

Hey little buddy. Uncle BF grabbed him the big bag instead of the little one his mom paid for cos he was so inspired by all my minxing then they all ran away from me while I was taking the following photo and I didn’t know what was going on haha jerks.

Meanwhile the candy floss tent people were distracted by my weirdness so I was a good distraction.

Love weeping willows. What if there was a tree called smiling smiles?

I’m glad we went and bf could see how Canada do and I’m glad we went at night, in the day it’s too hot and kinda TMI the night has more of a relaxed vibe.

Protesters. Yeah good luck with that, convincing a big burly guy to get a salad when he drove all the way from the States. Their sign said pigs are smarter than dogs, bf goes yeah so they know they’re getting eaten and what so we should eat dogs then? Like I said it was a fun time.

And last night’s.

Oh yeah I bumped into Francine, hey girl! How was the beach party? We went to my mom’s so had to bail on it sorry. Anyway gotta split and shower and get some work done, aunt is coming over later. Enjoy your last day of freedom.

Raymazing summer

What’s up yo. Picked up our new ride for the week (with an extra day bonus thanks to the upcoming holiday Monday) took her for a spin and went to one of our favourite parks starring this baby bunny.

I didn’t wash my hair yesterday so I wasn’t exactly feeling camera vogueing it up but whatever, real life and what not right.

I keep forgetting how brilliant this camera is.

A father behind us was having difficulty getting his daughter on her little bike with training wheels to make it up along this path you could tell he was embarrassed we were in ear shot, I almost offered to push her. Next time avoid wood chips dude.

I love old world leftovers.

And jungles. When will the hot weather come back though?

Got a little hot in my sweater like wtf did I bring this out for and naturally the boy has a go at it.

Oh so Euro, fine if you make fun of me it’s getting blogged.

Seriously that’s the pose? You’re like OJ pretending the glove doesn’t fit. I said you better not delete these pictures!!! Ha.

There she is, such a dream ride. Swankier than the last one which was pretty classy in and of itself. The Lincoln MKZ has a gigantic panoramic roof and if you speed up a little it closes (just partially) on its own for safety so your back window view behind isn’t obstructed.

The name of this colour is bordeaux. SWOON. My dad is in love with all aspects of this car and is awaiting me to hook him up with one next haha lol. I love the white/bordeaux contrast dad says it’s like a car from Britain with a similar custard and cream look, it’s so posh and not to be full of myself but seriously everyone rubber necks a Lincoln vehicle there’s just something about it, also the colour probably pushes the look at me over the edge. BF is the one who points out the gawking, egomaniac.

It’s usually men driving other nice cars who stare and appreciate the fineness of the Lincoln MKZ it feels like we’re in a special club with them. Owning it. Once I hit publish we’re going to hit the streets and go sight seeing, hit some back roads.

19″ lovely wheels.

Some sky action.

Great navigation set-up, or “nagigation” as we call it/I’m called. (whatever he is so much more of a nag) and love the THX II audiophile sound system plus sirius satellite and wifi, obviously. There’s also the interior disco lights which I super love, this time bf chose red (not for long though I’m so switching it to purple). Oh yeah the seats are AC too, feels interesting.

Swipe volume too so futuristic and the park/drive/sport buttons are all push too, crazy cool!

Adore the brown swirl walnut wood applique too, fancy mcfancy.

I want like one (or several) great backseat pics in there definitely in one of my heartbreaker dresses a la Dita.

The boys just took off in it so I could get some peace, we’ll probably drive up to the escarpment.

White dune perforated leather that’s all I gotta say, it’s nice to max and relax against it for a change usually it’s always black/grey.

It’s like all the fun of a convertible without all the fuss.

That’s a little shelf to my left for papers and misc. stuff, yay!

Went to the poacher for some grub.

It rained for a bit so we went inside to booth it up which is all I really wanted anyway I was so wiped out yesterday from working the Canadian Open on the w/e beginning Thurs.

Did not understand these extra spots in the booth.

One could in no way reach the table. Resisted urge to carve our names.

BF says this is very Dutch. Um no, Dutch is very this, as in British. Thank you come again. I ate his peas, he asked for carrots like the menu stated. It’s nice that we annoy and/or irritate and confuse all servers we encounter. That’s what they’re there for no? It’s also funny watching people trying to pretend they understand his thick accent.

It’s also a trip to take him everywhere I have ever been ever. My grandfolks had their Scottish dancing parties upstairs at the Arms, a club they also founded in Oakville BTW.

Hi it’s me again. That thing on my chest is like a sun blister, not a blemish (trust me I’ve tried to squeeze it haha sorry TMI) so now obviously I’m all is it skin cancer???

Was attempting to catch the sun on my face for a pic, pro tip.

If the man’s happy (and he is) then the woman is happy. Yeah it’s true happy wife happy life but it goes both ways.

Thanks so much for making our weeks again Ford Canada. Now here’s a little video cruising LakeShore, best street ever to scenic route it up avoid highway traffic by.

Discovered this tune while in Holland. Music in Europe is awesome, you have to have a pen or something handy quick though to write it down and they often play three songs in a row you dig then you’re like what’s the name of that song that goes blap bloop bloop blee dee deet duh deet deet again? Totally.

Oh I forgot we did a little shopping too.

A modern classic.

Dad/bf just came back from a spin, dad’s in love. BF says when you close the door it sounds like a “mercedes door” so quiet and streamlined, perfection. They’re non-stop talking about the car now.

On the way to pick it up.

The night before he ate that. Not surprised.

He got me this while I was working, haven’t tried them on yet I don’t want to be disappointed.

I look like an 80’s music video. OKAY PEACE BYE. Have a great Tuesday! xo rlw.