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Saturday chaturday

Hey guys some storm last night right!

The new camera is so Raymazing. Wish I had more time to upload all the stuff I shoot. I will, in time.

Love this car bf wants to take one back to Holland.

Sweet classic Ford stang.

Bro and I rocking the same flip flops.

Great view from a new resto at YDS there wasn’t a line-up for the patio either enjoy that while it lasts.

Have to keep that string attached otherwise the shirt would flop right open. Maybe I should just remove it though.

Nothing unites people like weather eh. So many amazing pics blasted online yesterday of everyone’s diff skyp0rn. I have sweet videos too you’ll see once it’s socially irrelevant. Sorry off to hit the water today thank god the temperature has cooled down a bit.

I blurred myself cos I was trying to be arty and mysterious. Booked a hotel cos didn’t want to drive back intox’d, smrt guys.

Misters, so good.

Bro said he would have paid to eat our exquisite meal, hmm, maybe you should then dude next dish is 5 bucks.

Pushin’ my luck gotta go!

Stay cool.

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