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now on to the funny

ok new readers i dunno if you caught this but last february i made a FAKE BLOG called tillyrabbit run by tilly/me and jamie made one called swell ideas run by hillary/jamie and merkley made one too called lonesomelildove run by lillian/merkley.

so yes my alter-ego is a fat smiley lady with cats who says LOL a lot. if you have time to waste AND I KNOW THAT YOU DO go read the comment section on all these blogs, they’re truly hilarious. the posting stopped after a few days, it was too exhausting keeping it up and i don’t know if i have the password to login anymore, feh. enjoy.

it’s funny cos some real bloggers found these blogs totally separate from my blog and they think they’re real people and leave comments while others who i told NO tilly is not a real person carry on like how people talk to puppets as if the puppet is a separate entity from the person working the puppet. anyway have fun play along i don’t care.

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