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something is rotten in denmark, everytime i gain votes second place jumps up the same amount, who the fuck is doing this all day long for the competition!? i smite you!


should i take this email seriously?

Dear RAYMI THE MINX (if that is your real name)

Your days of public nail-biting, drinking and muppeteering are numbered.

I will delete your blog and all its content and block for ever if you don’t drop out of the 2006 Cdn. BLOG awards. A year working for blogger taught me how to do this. I don’t care how drunk you are, I’ll do it, as I’m being paid a substantial undisclosed sum, which is seen by my undisclosed employer as an investment towards winning the contest herself – himself.

Unless you complete the conditions of the request within three (3) working days, expect your blog to be replaced with pornography.

1. Submit your resignation to the people of the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards and remove your name from all ballots.
2. Email me a picture of your boobs so that myself and my friends can jerk off on it.
3. I also want a email greeting card wishing me a happy birthday.

Believe that I am serious, or will mainly be remembered as a place where molesters went to pull one off.


anyway keep voting for me guys don’t sweat it.

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