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who do you think will win ANTM i’m thinking that melrose will likely win if she doesn’t do something cuckoo but i would love for caridee to win cos of all three she is most likely the one i would masturbate to, she’s always nakedish and she’s smart, melrose is an immature flake. eugena is too much of a wallflower to win unfortunately. last nite’s floating in the water thing made me nervous cos i can’t float at all, i can swim v. well but float, i cannot and it’s something that you have no control over too so it was hard to watch. i like how when caridee was shivering uncontrollably melrose decided that it was cos caridee needs a lot of attention?! haha um i need attention so i will give myself hypothermia and not say anything about it until i go into cardiac arrest and potentially damage my chances of winning now THAT is how you get positive attention. fucking melrose.

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