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i am happy to report we have a new squirrel friend who visits us every morning and has been hanging around since friday, i’ve been feeding him multigrain tostitos, he’s been taking to hiding the leftovers in my plants, cid likes him, well, he hasn’t launched himself through the screen yet so i take that as like and as a sign that maybe if OMG HES BACK RIGHT NOW anyway i think if we got a kitten cid maybe wouldn’t kill it based on how well he is handling the presence of the squirrel. blah blah blah squirrels. he’s going to feel pretty stupid when steph takes my fern for the winter and all his food is in it, just sayin’ squirrel. i just tossed some more chips out there and he took off. he’ll be back.

haha i look like poochie with the sunglasses hey dewds lets do some kewl things today but remember to stay in school and don’t do drugs. sorry this is pre-coffee raymi talking to you right now. i’m up cos i have cramps on top of cramps from doing sit-ups in bed last nite and some heart burn sprinkled on top and i have a non-gum related interview later so i may as well keep it real in awake land for a bit. oh i just realised i have two interviews today, one from the couch and the other is on the other side of town. fil says the cold water is turned off so i might not be able to even wash my hair today. sounds like a bun day to me.

moot. city hires pole cleaners (ha pole) and look at the mess they leave behind, oh it just gets rained away into the sewers no biggie. pfft.

a little harbord hang out there’s usually a few guys hanging around outside haha i just noticed the upside down 4.

this was an impromptu walk had i known i’d have worn something a little more appropriate, worth it though, for the looks from parents sprinkled throughout the park. i also made a video of walking up this hill and am holding my breath so you can’t hear how laboured it is. ps. this is lowville park.


fil and i were discussing what kind of toboggans to get for this hill come winter. i used to go all the time when i was a kid and this year for real i plan to bomb down that hill once again. it really is a great hill and higher up than i remembered. snow pants excuse!

snobby picnic time.

i am looking at my heartburn right now, awesome. the lady at cheese boutique sliced me the wrong genoa didn’t notice ’til we left.

espresso time bye!

update: i was in there doing my thing and the fridge just got to me so i took all the junk off it, felt great! there’s some marker stains on it though. on the side we had these word magnets covering the whole thing, sponsored by moosehead, “fun” with beer oriented words, childish novelty that wore off a minute after they hit the fridge. in the garbage they went. not spotless but it’s a start.

i hope this doesn’t turn fil clean ocd when he gets home.

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