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things i can’t do:

have more than one coffee in a day.

turns out there IS cold water but no hot water oh and i bumped into yelling geezer next door and was trapped into exchanging niceties with him.

things i can do:

um, i’ll get back to you on that. no wait, i can eat blackened potato salad by myself at allen’s. i sat at the bar and i put on a very good alone person performance. i think they bought that i am not a neurotic nutcase, i was a smooth operator big time. the place was dead. i drank a beer and read my book and took a picture of my potatoes to make fil jealous. i ordered him some to go. i was pretty quick in there cos i wanted to use my streetcar transfer, turns out you have to be deposited internally in order to get on the subway from streetcar. i’m all why can’t i use this transfer and your hero was given some guff from the lady, she shrugs and goes because i don’t make the rules. yes thanks i gathered and that is why you are behind bullet proof glass taking tokens, tickets, and coins. thank you for the you don’t make the rules lesson and for not answering my question, you couldn’t have just admitted that you don’t actually know the answer to it? or been a little more original?

anyway, holy potatoes, you know they’re good when you blow your no-carb ritual.

holy shit that is some ballsy-ass squirrel we have over here.

I saw a woman, in the subway this morning, that looked a lot like you. It just so happened that she was crying, hugging her knees, and occasionally raising her hands to her temples.
After seeing that I realized that I hadn’t checked in on your situation in a while. It seems that you are not in the abject fetal-state of your look-alike, which is good to see. In fact you’re looking very well. I am assuming that you remember who I am. If not… just think 15 page pedantic emails…probably some of the most ridiculous material ever produced. All right, keep doing what you do. Our culture needs the diversity.

I am still a warrior.


no not me tho i was on the subway today and i do feel that way in my head about it instead of fetal position mental i like to have a lot of things to check on in my purse to make sure they are still there, phone, mp3 player, book, camera, wallet, etc

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