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do you remember when we met

ok here we go kids

fil was the official wedding photographer.

last minute table dressing.

had some time to kill waiting for sharpie’s water taxi, went for a teeny stroll.

ainsley’s new paperweight.

let it all out buddy. watching dudes cry is the worst, second only to seeing your dad cry and like getting cancer.

they did it!


spenny and i hit it off until he got all republican on me haha hi spenny!

everyone’s speech made me cry (except for kenny’s) esp. when samir said that it’s true, your wedding day is the best day of your life.

my new buddy and best dance partner EVER.

sigh, to be a model.

little lia.

all the chicks got pashminas, thanks sharpie and samir!

sebastian pacino.

dance costume change i may or may not have danced like a total flooze.

heel sinkholes.

it was a lovely time, and v touching to see your friends take the plunge together surrounded by other friends on the island. congrats you too stop making me cry!

the rest of my pictures can be found in this set here.

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