Raymaze yourself

Better version of Blue Jeans as promised we’re psyched to move on to more songs now.

Happy Thanksgiving! And here is something new. Jared likes this cover of Brooklyn Baby it was our very first take.

Me of course I am too busy staring at myself over listening. It’s not bad. I’m obsessed with this song though and have been all summer.

You’re gonna have to wait on the cat ears cover though, sorry lol.

Instagram teaser for now.

Leslie says we should take our act on the road / we kinda sound better than Lana’s / this is a good look for us + she’s in the music industry, so there. fwaha. flattered.

This calls for a duet

Hello! We! Are! Qualifications! jkjk we don’t have a name yet.

Looking the part is half the work no?

Okay this is not the best but not the worst either. We did this a billion times and in varying styles. There’s another Lana cover we have been practising but didn’t get to really nail yet and somehow by the grace of whatever I haven’t told you what that song even is yet so I shall keep its secrecy intact but enjoy this video while you can before we private and replace it with something better.

Jared and I went to highschool together. Streetsville what! The second time I ever got wasted (and grounded) my mom called Jared’s mom. Mom No don’t! bahaha.


Water nymph look. Yeah I’m wearing shorts. Being filmed sitting on a couch from below is never the best angle for a woman. Unless you love huge thighs.

I’m gonna wear this dress more often. Bought it in Holland.

Fashion options.

Album art haha.

Of course.

The shades are for lyrics cheating btw and maybe for the grooving.

Thanks for listening. Doing music is part of my bucket listy 15 year blogiversary crap.

Have a killer Fridate.

what the blog

My Ten Minute Interview is up!!!

Here is an excerpt:

How does your online persona, Raymi the Minx, differ from that of your offline self?

Well, apparently she is my alter ego but maybe she’s really me. She’s my inner beast and demons, a caricature that, over the years, I’ve injected more of Lauren White into. I noticed how much Angelina Jolie has matured into this being of elegance, grace and poise over the years; she wasn’t always that good, you know, so maybe people will get over this Raymi the Minx rep that I have and see that I’m actually mature, whether behind the scenes or the image I project onto my blog. I am fun-loving and happy-go-lucky; people do not see the sweetheart that I am, I have been told, and they never will because half of my audience is blinded by hatred for me, which is hilarious because they cannot look away.

Read more: http://tenminuteinterviews.com/lauren-white/

More soon later friends!!!!

lets burrow

Hi Skanksters. First of all, hit play on this before reading because I am writing this to this.

Silver Line is an amaze song. Notice when you go to a concert your brain gets infected and you have to do nothing but listen to the album again and again completely. I always rolled my eyes to music dorks friends and lovers of mine in the past but now it is happening to me so there.

I can already tell this post is going to suck the life out of me it has been so long. I find as I age and become more senile it is harder to rehash the mundane things I have done. Recollection has largely been a part of my existence. Like the Man and the Sea, my bacon staring back at me.

noun: recollection

the action or faculty of remembering something.

“to the best of my recollection no one ever had a bad word to say about him”
a thing recollected; a memory.

plural noun: recollections

“a biography based on his wife’s recollections”

synonyms: memory, remembrance, impression, reminiscence

“according to my recollection, he was wearing a striped necktie”

(in Platonic thought) anamnesis.

This is my face as a giant smiling acorn.

This is me concerned about everything in the universe.

This is me being all that and a bag of chips from Grease at the Drizzle.

And at the Sony Center. No wait this was pre-drinks at jack astors. Wanda Sykes was AMAZING. Joe Rogan did not blow me away but whatever it was still an amazing time thanks Ben!!!!

Reclaimed some motorcycle roots last week too was awesome.

A run. Just last week. When I could grease up and run in the sun super fun.

Drake display art. A microcosm of the complete picture.

Room before Raymi Tornado.

Raymi before losing big time at darts.


Trying to take a picture of a ship #selfie accident/then pretending to take a picture of a ship.

That ship.

Those nails. Time to change ‘em up lookin’ a bit rough. Princess dirtbag protip for nails: I add metallic green in the same shade to the cracks and chips in my nail varnish until I can no longer tolerate it. Which would be today. I am a peacock by nature. I change my nail colour constantly. I don’t do manicures cos I have nice enough hands/nailbeds/cheap/ADD. I don’t do massages either. I don’t know what relaxing is! That’s why I blog.

As I showered for the night I visualized my entire wardrobe to conjure the ultimate concert look. This is my hair wet, pre-makeup for anyone in the cheap seats/cares. Those are my John Lennon boots I got from Le Chateau. They’re a light winter boot that I paid a lot of money for to avoid waiting in line for service at the Bay and I’m glad I did. I can get away with wearing them with daisy dukes because I am insane (have the balls) and they’re lightweight. I would say I’m going for motorcyle mod chic.

My mom said you can wear white after labour day now anyway, bottoms are ok’d.

Off to the show.

A tiff maskerpiece.

Damara has shrunken from all her marathons and her tits are gone I was upset ahhaha.

This is my street corner from years ago for several years. Old neighbourhoods can make you feel like a ghost.

We miss you Papa.

Ha. A pre-pic, relax.

Instant relief afterward but I couldn’t do bloodwork cos I had a snackwrap #idiot. Next week Mom and I go back.

They only lived once!

We were geeking out on our collective calf muscles. Runners, shrug. Fwahaha what a douchebag thing to say right. Legzactly.

Had to. So cute.

God this post is so long I wanted it to be all about Lykke li but all this other crap gets uploaded along the way in the frey. Apologies for the nonsense. I doubt you care though. It’s Saturday. You’re probably in a pumpkin patch right now anyway.

Two people now, one being my mother, have mentioned squats to me cos running will only take you so far. I lie and say that I do them but I don’t and look at the result of my ass anyway not to be an ass or anything. I do some uphill action, I lunge up and squeeze my ass when I run like I make my ass do the walking so like in all things in life I do it my way. Shoulda heard the arguements I had in Problem Solving math I was definitely a savante. Remind me to math brag another time.

Socks are padded. Toques are cheapo they came in grey and dark blue and peach. I have done the grey to death before, the red looks amaze with my hair and the green is a classic redhead contrast colour trick. I bought four pieces of head accoutrement this day.

Lace headgear is way classier and less headache to dance in and I will have no more excuses to wimp out on performing. Are you coming to see me dance at Poletergeist on Halloween? Brass Vixens studio. They’re amazing parties. I named this night too by the way! It’s three years in the making and the first crazy to kick off my 15 year blogiversary bucket list.

I splurged. Quality over quantity right.


Hi. See how I like little extras? Extra extra there’s extras.

Didn’t buy but liked. I’ve owned hats with ears on them many times before in my life. It is unavoidable to own hats with ears on them, am I right peple? I am. You know who you are. I see you. #thisishowwedo.

Holy body transformation. It’s a tie between these guys and my little hearts ones for this summer.


Gonna pause it now these ones deserve their own post and I was multi-tasking through this whole mess I’m sorry. Say hi in the vomments you stupid dicks! Also friend me on ello.co/raymitheminx if you’re on it I write neat things there.

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse through the eye of the needle of my life, I bid you adieu xoxo.
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