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Everything to do with S E X

Bonjourno murderers of my heart! What a glorious Tuesday that it is, no? The fuglier the rain, the more glorious you all look to me and the glorious doesn’t stop there as it so happens, I have 2 pairs of tickets left (added cos I be giving ‘em out like bananas) to The Everything to do with Sex Show this weekend Oct 24-26! Leave a sexy vomment if you want ‘em.

I’ll be poking around the Direct Energy Centre at the show for my first time so the show better bring it! I know it will, I’ve heard stories. Lots of freaks and randy weirdos walking aboot (my favourite). I got a crew of people too so it will be a sight to be seen wink wink wink. Be sure to keep your eyes on my instagram that day. Prob Saturday.

Check out the Toronto Site for more info! 15 years of Sex Shows and 15 Years of my blogging (this November 28), meant to be much.

Your daily TMI: I’m not blasting right now so maybe my freak flag will fly next weekend. Omg what a loser lol. PEACE.

Here’s my face now bye for real :).

ps. lurk my if you’re bored/have no life like me. Lots of treasures there.

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