How to Guy Fawkes

And now you know! This is from Saturay night blowing off steam after the sex show. (It’s important to have friends just as weird as you are). I have two major blerg posts in store for you guys, fashion week and sex show. This is just a speed bump of awesome in between cos I am not prepared to rehash it all just yet (am I ever?) so don’t exactly feel ripped off with this “post”. Bloggers make lots of excuses eh?

One of my photobooth things. The second Time I did it was way better.

This was money though.

This was moreso money.

After all that sex (show) action I needed to dress like a little babushka and come down to earth for a bit lol.

Not to spoil the surprise or anything but I am dancing in this for Poletergeist on Halloween on Friday at Brass Vixens Studio. You should attend! I’m starting to get really nervous!

I bought nipple pasties too! You’ll have to wait and see if it’s hearts or stars ;).

Probably the awesomest picture of me lately. I am over my cell phone pics now, it’s all about the real camera. I have been lazy for so long in this regard. You look so much better when people can see for real what you look like.

This look reminds me of Halle Berry Catwoman.

Just some of my highlights. See the line on my thigh? That’s from running. There’s a nickname for the term. The line? I dunno. But I like it. Someone requested a butt tutorial video of me haha.

That’s all for now. Social media has destroyed blogging but I will continue to fight and to try. Fifteen years this Nov 28 I have been up to this and I am up for a Lifetime Achievement Weblog Award again so I had better keep at’er. Hope you are enjoying your Monday. xo yo.