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I blog therefore I am but why.

Hello french fries! Friday! I mean friends!

photo sam fotosyne

I feel exhausted today. I have been busy and it dawned on me I’m gonna get more busy and I still have a lot to do and blah blah life omg life! So it’s Friday and I am glad to be doing f all tonight. I also thought that yesterday was Friday. So I gained a day to waste. Catching up on all my internet business, trying to organize and write. The more you do, the less time you have to micro-connect and then you feel the pressure. You’re doing your to do list but only half focused trying to splice yourself and time and spread it around everywhere but you can’t. I don’t care what drama I produce I am not making any bold decisions today so tread lightly.

My felt hat collection is growing.

As are my weird pictures collection! Someone asked if I did porn today, while another photographer is nagging me for nudes and to shoot and bler blah if you felt like pissing me off today get in line cos there are three more people who have followed suit too KABOOM! haha.

Rocky doesn’t piss me off though he is pretty Raymazing. At present, he nests in my winter coat on my bed. My mess is getting out of control.

I’ve been dressing a lot like Jerry Seinfeld lately though so that’s good. If you could see my shoes this joke would be funnier.

Went to the Hammer. Just had one slice and felt like barfing. So much cheese but very delicious. Next time I will go super baked and eat at least half.

Hi Damara miss you don’t know if this was blogged. I am really bad with keeping everything on one blog topic.

I didn’t wear this bikini top once this summer. I bought it to go with these Hello Kitty Bottoms. I’ll bust it out sometime. I had a lot of my tickle trunk wardrobe packed for my cosplay shoot is why I am rocking this. Apparently I need to explain things more in my life to avoid unsolicited opinions and what not about whatever the crap it is that I do.

My arm looks ripped here. I am gonna hit the free weights after this.

Seeing as I am on a complaining spree why stop now! I told my friend I used to trash on restaurants for shitty service all the time then I stopped because people (trolls) attacked me for it. But like wtf when people fuck up they should be called on it no? Going into an establishment and being seated and ignored for 20 minutes while you watch 10 employees milling around doing nothing IS TERRIBLE SERVICE especially when people are fungry. When they’re fungry, they come to you to eat, ever so happily and you kill their soul with each passing negligent moment. Our host sat us and ignored us, put on his coat then left! Without informing jack squat about our being seated, until one bar guy saw my super annoyed face and mulled it over for ten minutes. Is it rocket science? Do you think I am angry at the state of the world or perplexed by gas prices right now? Do you see water on our table even or those shitty stale LITERAL bread sticks? And there you have it, a classic Raymi fuming mad blog foodie post. Mercatto you used to be so good what’s the deal?

Legzactly. And yes we will be doing more band. Because I switched gears to “modelling” all of a sudden there is mass-confusion and widespread panic regarding my interest in “the band”?

See how bitchy I get when I don’t drink? I am basically Gerard Depardieu drying out lol.

Your food is excellent though, your staff just needs an intervention. Maybe it’s Toronto and I am spoiled on Burlington’s higher quality service? No offense (tons!)(jkjkjk).

Salumi is always good here.

There’s a name for this suit I forget but it’s a Japanese thing. Kinda carnival circus.

Tribal burlesque featuring my runner’s tan lines.

Chicago style deep dish.

Blond Raymi, 27.



Do you like calamari or octopus more? I will always go for octopus. Except if I’m hungover then it’s calarami and dusted.

There’s a Wonder Woman book in the works aside from that I have no idea or care it was a job.

Kinda wanted to walk around Toronto like this but had to remove it for one more look which was steam punk.

On the way there selfies of course.

That is the best bag and take away from my trip to NYC last summer.

BTW Next Weekend is the Sex Show. You will definitely be seeing me walking around in something crazy sexy. I think I told one of my friends verbatim that I was gonna dress like a total mega whore bahaha YOU KNOW IT!

Do you want a pair of tickets. I might just have one more to give away. Leave a nice vomment to cheer me up and they’re yours. Best vomment wins.

Oh look the billionth fitness photo of me yay. Have a nice Friday cos I know I won’t bahha.

5 thoughts on “I blog therefore I am but why.

  1. Yeah you rock the Wonder Woman costume but I really love that glam Japanese Kiss outfit. I used to hump trees when I 23 too.

    I’m glad I never make you angry. byeeee

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