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kiss and tell in hell

Hello pets.

Here’s some more avant-gardelicious Ontario wanderings from the bean bag chair collections.

Like I said we traverse home via a peek in rockin Algonquin.

It was just screaming out Ontario tour guide pamphlet all over the place.

Barron Canyon is magnificent. It’s super nerve racking being on the egde, all vertigo-like and exhausted from vacation staycation partying. The heat combined trips you out and you can easily see yourself tumbling down that thing.

And it is supremely hard to make poses happen near the edge. We stood back a yard or two from the ledge and peered down, instantly dizzying. Being dressed like a finish flag somehow doesn’t help, it’s too loud it’s practically hypnotizing you to your doom.

We both wore pink. Wuh–oo. Said in saloon sing song voice. We always kind of match our outfits to be jerk offs to each other.

Way too pale. This creamy alabaster makes me yawn. I am flamboyant and flamboyant people need to be tanned.

There was a cray wind storm in Petawawa and perhaps here too, a lot of tree destruction discoveries along the way.

Pretty high up.

Woah rough night bro.

Peaking in the suggestions box. Everything was perfect, down to the scatterings of soft dry brown pine needles littered everywhere across the path and between the billions of matchstick thin trees.

Lets move it’s hot as hell and we have far to go.

Off came the pants and bra ditching was from the night prior after Koritos at Kelseys. Avoid them.

How’s the party up there?

It’s a Lost Boys kinda thing.

Don’t worry I see your swirlies.

Romantic. They want your company.

Watch your smoke.

You can do anything. He was major old. The answer is adult tricycles.

I’m being summoned TO BE CONTINUED.

Okay I’m back.

Went for food and walk blah blah.

I totally ran out of steam and my mind is elsewhere now.

So many variations of weather on our way back.

So damn hot I tell you also wearing a bra in a car for hours, not my bag. That’s a show bra only what was I thinking.

Cute you can see my foxy tail.

Does this give you anxiety?

Then BF couch surfed across the street.

And with the Rockster.

BTW Playboy Energy V SPOT IS UP Thanks kay bye. It’s down time/get shit done day. Before the giant storm of the next big party.

Also as always funny ‘ish on MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY. And some bonus ones right meow cos I know how lazy you is.

Peace. Thirsty Thursday g’wan try and Telekinesis some beer. Wish me luck, send beer vibes.

6 thoughts on “kiss and tell in hell

  1. really nice edition – I do find myself wanting to stay in the woods and not return to the traffic at the end though!

  2. Underwire on car rides is the worst. Actually, underwire just sucks, ammirite? Josh told me he was open to wearing lavender recently. I wonder if he’d be open to pink too? ;)

  3. those traffic shots remind me of arriving in toronto, via car, alone, for the first time, and exiting the wrong way to go to kitchener.

    i was sooooo tbay at the time – i was scared shitless. LOL

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