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Raymbag mailbag time

Hi whatevers. Not every email is an invite to an event or free product to blog sinfluence by (although, those ones are my jam! ;)) and it’s been awhile since I sharesied, I think. Real talk time.

Dear Raymi,

Met someone from *** who, I’m smitten with, she reminds me of you, to some extent, so it kind of makes sense.
We spent a lot of time together before she left the past couple of weeks (no sex, anything, but I think potential for more), what is the stuff in me that you find un/attractive, I want her to be smitten with me too.

Miss/love you,


PS please don’t use this for le blag/if you do say or infer it’s me & change the city the person is from xoxoxo

PPS Quit smoking.

Sorry but saying don’t blog it makes me blog it. Also because you’re my friend I’m not going to say anything unattractive about you whatsoever. Ask someone meaner. Here’s the good shit though.

Just write her obsessive (once the green light for constantly emailing is a go) emails, pictures of random cute shit off tumblr that has meaning. great photos of inspiring shit, above all else make her laugh. when she hasa bad night be there for her so she starts associating you with comfort and reliability like youre the only one who cares and is there when shes in a jam. just like normal dependable guy stuff but not too much doting if shes a hot/cold type. girls demand instant gratification though so just play within that arena and it’s pretty easy. we want to trust or at least believe we can. oh i wont blog this, hmm actually maybe i will lol. dont worry itll be anon.


So I wrote you a few months ago in my desperate attempt for advice and in a lonely state in Australia (I also came across as mega lesbian – which I’m not, but that’s fine you thought so)! Anyways… just wanted to say thanks for being that listening ear then. I ended up travelling around Japan for 2 months which was cool – they have SOOOOOO many wicked vintage Blythe dolls there… you would love it! Among the other hello kitty, sparkly, tiny trinket shit!

I am still in awe and admiration of you for continuing to display vulnerability by putting your life on the interwebs. Thanks for letting me escape my life once and awhile to be a fly on the wall of someone else’s! You look happy, as beautiful as ever, and I hope all is well in your world! :)

Loved this email. Kinda totally needed to hear it too. Thanks ****

ps. Hella My BF is Angry updates always.

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