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i am at MTV right now

– like in the offices part at 1633 broadway

– they checked my bag when i came in

– my housemate works here

– the offices are funny

– today no one is around

– some dude took a chainsaw down the middle of his desk then spraypainted it with fluorescent green and orange colors

– they give me free coke here (cola)

– imagine the movie ‘office space’

– that is what it is like, except the cubicles are made of actual drywall and they are like mazes and some rooms have no cubicles at all

– i can see jersey from the window here

– on the 52nd floor

– we are editing this show my bf’s band played in chicago

– my eyes are fuzzy from watching three tv’s at once and the internet

– we’ve been ordering margaritas from this place on 53rd street, they actually deliver

i keep wondering if it is the monitor that is fuzzy or my vision.

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