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a chat with raymi the nana



hey raymi

need to ask u something


can i get your opinion on a naked pic i took? just like to hear what u think

if you’re a woman yes, dude, no.

i am a dude. but the picture came out great. i think it was really well done. can i still show it to u?

if you are naked in it the answer is no

im sorry. i was just proud of the pic and wanted to share it.

find someone else i am practically married i don’t use the internet to look at pictures of naked guys.

it’s not so much for the sexual element. i just think it’ s a nice photo. i see it for the art value i guess.

ok well judging by your empty flickr account i call bullshit on this alleged artistic element, you are one of a million dudes on flickr perving out collecting pics with empty accounts.

no i just enjoy sharing my pics, i just dont like them made available to the general public in case someone is offended by the content. so i ask somebody first so then dont get hit by surprise.

id like to show you if u can get back the sex of it.

no thank you

22 thoughts on “a chat with raymi the nana

  1. Ew. Hey Raymi this is unrelated to that post but I was wondering–you and Fil take tons and tons of photos–do you back them up on a hard drive? Save them to discs? Print any out and keep them in albums? I’m just curious–Josh and I take a lot of photos too and I’m not sure how to preserve them all.

  2. or you mean welcome to my own life maybe? i have over 200 unchecked/added flickr people. but i imagine you get it worse.

  3. yeah I was pretty curious as to what that meant too?

    this could be a new internet phenom hahahaha

    “If u can get back the sex of it”

  4. Whoever mentioned that you have a problem with being way way way to lenient with assholes was spot on.

    First the messed up guy with his hands in your hair at a bar.

    Then putting up with dude who nearly pulls his dick out.

    Now this guy, who you actually engaged in a conversation for some reason.

    All inside of a month?

    By my way of thinking, you put up with them fucking with you for WAY too long, it’s like you can’t tell when someones shitting on you.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.

  5. relax, i see them as content opportunities and i am actually not a terrible person, i give a shit sometimes and you never know to what degree of crazy you’re dealing with so i try to tread with caution.

  6. Raymi, you can’t help being popular, even if it’s with some people who are a bit suss (I’m sure his photo is very artistic ;-)

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